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You can add various Gmail accounts. Just sign out from the current one. Click on add a new GMAIL account and its done.

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Q: How do you add a third Gmail account?
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How do you add my Gmail account on my ereader?

You can add any Gmail account on Ereader. You just have to download the app of Gmail. Set up the credentials and you can log in.

How you can add your logo to your Gmail account?

You cannot add your logo to Gmail account. You can personalize by adding your theme. Adding icon or logo to Gmail is not possible.

How do you add a Gmail account to email?

You can add a Gmail account via creating one. The account can be created by deploying your details online. The details could be managed later on

How do you make gmail work on your iPhone?

Gmail can easily work on your iPhone. You have to add a Gmail account for that. The account can be added by making the credentials right.

How can you add picture to your Gmail account?

You can add your profile picture in gmail account. This can be done by clicking top right icon. There is an option of Upload Picture there.

How do you add another user into an existing gmail account?

You can add a contact into a Gmail account. However you cannot add it as a part of the mail. The mail can belong to one person only.

How do you add an account on the ipod touch for gmail?

You can add an account on the iPod touch easily via the app. The application is of Gmail itself. The app can add new or existing accounts in it.

How do you add your Gmail account to your iPad desktop?

Download the app for Gmail in the App Store

Why will Gmail account not connect to a third party site?

Gmail account cannot connect to a third party site. It is because the site can be virus or malware. To avoid the security loss, it does not connect.

How can an individual add CalMail to a Gmail account?

To add a CalMail account to an existing GMail account, an individual must first open Gmail and then go to Settings on the top right corner. Then he or she must click Accounts and Imports and type in the CalMail address that needs to be added.

How can you add multiple email addresses to gmail account?

You can only add one email address per Gmail account only. The other email address should be the alternative one. It can be used for security when account is hacked.

How do you add themes in Gmail account?

Themes are pre-loaded into the Gmail account. You can apply them whenever you want. It is present in the settings in the top right corner.

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