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Unless you are skilled in electrical engineering and understand the nuances of RF tuner design, you can't. A easier solution is to get an old VCR and use that as a tuner/RF modulator.

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Q: How do you add channels to a used television?
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How do you program a Sanyo TV without a remote?

My channels delete by themselves and I can add the channels back

How do you program channels on a Sharp Linytron television?

You must access the menu fuction.Autosearch or manual add or erase channels.

What is a channel device?

a tv remote used to change channels

What channels does the tv show inyuashua come on?

used to on cartoon network

How do I separate my local and premium channel listings?

Most cable companies provide you with the capability to create several Favorite Lists, which will allow you to keep your local TV channels separate from your Premium channels. You can add and delete channels from the lists, as you see fit.

What are the device codes on televisions used for?

Device codes on televisions are used for communications between the television and the remote control. The codes are used to setup and change channels.

How many tv channels were there in the 60's?

3 tv channels

Do digital TVs have decimal channels?

No. They have digital channels and may pick up analogue channels but there are no digital channels.

How many TV channels are there in Canada?

about 50 channels

How many channels do most televisions have?

most tvs have 8000 channels

How many television channels is there today?

there is about 1000 channels on television today !! :)))

How can TV tuner cards be used?

TV tuner cards are hardware add-ons for personal computers. By installing one inside a PC, the computer can be configured to pick up television channels. They also frequently allow users to capture video from television programs.

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