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How do you add games on to your website?

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βˆ™ 2012-03-04 12:57:59

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download the games

2012-03-04 12:57:59
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Q: How do you add games on to your website?
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How do put games on your website?

well you go to a games website(miniclip) and underneath the game it says add to you website

How do you add games to your games website?

get off ur friends

How do you add games to your webs website?

Yeah how do I do that

Where can you get free games for your website?

Most major games publishers offer the ability to add their games to your website. Please see the related links below.

How do i put regular games on my website?

Well on miniclip, if you add their games you are just advertising for them and for free!!! If you really want to put games on your website I would suggest calling miniclip games.

How can you add games to your website?

You can use sites such as to find quality swf files. Cadenix allows you to create your own online games website and share games.

How do you add games to Website?

if you make a site with then you make a content box and click add-ons and click "Fun and Games" answered by Nick Caserta

How do you easily add computer games to your Wix website?

Enter The HTML code.

Can you put games on a wix website if you can how do you?

Yes, you can. If you go to the widgets and then the add game HTML, the on problem is that you dont have control over the games.

How do you add a website in a picture?

??? Did you mean: How do you add a Picture in a Website? or How do I take a Picture of a website?

How do you create an online game website?

Creating an online Game website is done by using such things as arcade scripts. The script allows you to create your own online game website. You can add new games and you can add Ads so you can earn revenue from your site.

How do you add free games to your website?

It depends what website or software you are using. If you are using webs/freewebs then there should be a button that says HTML or embed code. Click on that then go on to a games website (like miniclip) that offers embed codes for games for your website. Copy the code and paste it when you press the 'HTML' button on your web site designer.

How can one add a comment box to their website?

One can add a comment box to their website by following the advice on the website "Yola". Yola contains easy to read instructions on how to add a comment box to one's website.

How do you add Adobe Flash Player to your website?

you don't add adobe flash player to a website. if you have a company you could but if you don't then you can't add adobe flash player to your website thank you

What website could your chid play games?

The best child-friendly websites for games are (add some if you want)

How can i order games from gamestop?

To order games from GameStop, you need to go to their website, add items to your shopping basket and then go to the checkout. You can choose to pay by Visa, MasterCard or PayPal.

Is Facebook a bad website?

it is okay, as long as you dont add people you dont know. its technically just a website where you can play games and talk with your friends and family. and you can block people if you want.

What is addicting games?

It is a gaming website with heaps of games with a variety of genres. The website for the website is

What website can you put games on your website?

All websites you can put games on as long as you made the website.

Can we add website link when we write java program?

yes ,i can add the website link in java program when we write.

How many games website?

some games website is y8 poptropica

Is there a website with 100 SpongeBob games?

no there is not a website with 100 SpongeBob games

What does the cool games website offer?

There are many types of flash based games that are offered by the website Cool Games. The typical genre for the games on the website are action and stick.

How do you embed a game into your wix website?

You can add games or quizzes to your site by adding the HTML code using the HTML code element.

Is nitrome a games website? is a games website. most of nitromes games can also be found on