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Purchase a new iTunes gift card. Also, iTunes material can also be purchased by a credit card that is inserted in your account info. (Every iTunes user has to give a credit card number)

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Q: How do you add money to an iTunes account?
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Can you add money onto an iTunes card?

you cant add money to the actual card but u can add money to your account online. you don't even need money in your account on itunes to buy music. if u don't have money in your account you can still buy songs and it will be charged to your credit card that's connected to your itunes account

How do you put money on your iTunes account?

How do you put money on your itunes account.

How do you add money to your iTunes account from your iPod touch?

It depends on what you're adding it from.

How do you add money to someones iPod account?

You can't really gift money to an Itunes account using paypal persay. You can link a Itunes account to a paypal for a billing agreement so that you can buy things from the Itunes store. However you are not pre-funding the account, you are only buying point of sale. True, you de-activate a Itunes account from paypal and just simply add another one. The easier method to pre-fund a 3rd party account would be to purchase a Itunes gift card.

If you uninstall iTunes will you lose your account money?

No, you will not lose your account money. The money you register is related to the account, not the actual iTunes software.

How do you pay with iTunes gift card?

Go on iTunes, then go on the iTunes store and click "Redeem", type in 16 digit code on the back of your iTunes gift card. After that it should add the money on to your account and then just spend the money. Hope that helps.

How can you get money on your iTunes account if your out?

Buy a new itunes card

How do you add a iTunes card to your iTunes account from your iPod?

From the iTunes or App Store apps scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the Redeem button to add an iTunes card.

How do you get viber without a iTunes account?

No money

Can you take money out your account on iTunes?

yeah you can

How do you buy things off of iTunes using an iTunes gift card?

you dont, you use the card to put money onto your account then spend the money on your account on what you want

How do you put more money on your iTunes account?

In the itunes store on the right click on "redeem"

If you delete an email address that is used for an iTunes account would it delete the money you have on iTunes?

No. Your iTunes Store balance will remain on your account, but you should update the email address associated with your iTunes account to keep your info up-to-date.

How much money do you have to pay for an iTunes store account?

You only pay for the things you buy from the iTunes store. You do not pay anything to have an account.

Can you transfer money from one itunes account to another?


How do you put more money in your iTunes account?


How do you buy a song on itunes with an itunes gift card?

In iTunes, go into iTunes store and create an account. During the creation process you can enter your gift card number and your account will be credited with the money. If you already have an account then just click on redeem in the store.

How do you add money into your iTunes account?

By buying gift cards at a local business (like Best Buy or Target) or by connecting your credit card to your account (this way money won't be added but will have a flow of money consistently with you). If you have a teenager or someone that you want to give a gift to, Apple allows buying gift cards on iTunes and giving another account a predetermined amount of money each month or as a one-time gift.

How do you add money to your itunes account from a prepaid gift card?

Go to the Itunes Store and go to the Quick Links section on the right. Then click Redeem and type in the code after you scratch off the back with a coin.

How do you erase a iTunes gift card?

Once an iTunes gift card is added to an iTunes account, the balance cannot be removed. Plus, you cannot get a refund for the card, because you already scratched off the PIN number to add it to your iTunes account.

How do you get rid leftover money on itunes?

Create a new account

Is there a way to download ringtones for your cell phone through iTunes?

Only if you have an iPhone and money on your iTunes account

What if you just scratched the code of your iTunes gift card?

you enter it into you itunes account if you have one, if you dont make one and then add it

How do you buy songs on iTunes when you account doesn't have money?

Put your credit card number in iTunes. ------------------ Or use a gift card to top up your account balance

How can you sign up for iTunes?

When you get an iPod/mp3 player, i believe it goes strait to itunes, when you try to put money on the account, it will ask you to sign in or make an account/.