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you can compress the pictures using a zip program like winzip ,winace, or winrar. it will compress the pictures but you will not be able to see the images on a DVD and if you want to see them you have to unzip them again.

  • You can open them with a program such as Paint Shop Pro or Photoshop and save them with a lower resolution, this will decrease the file size.
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Q: How do you add more pictures to a CD?
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How do you add more on a CD-R disc?

If you did not "close" the CD-R disc during the initial write, then the CD writing software you used to initially write it should allow you to add more data to the disc.

Can email with pictures be copied to a CD?

well derrr, YES save the pictures to 'My Documents' and then use your CD burning software to burn the pictures to a CD. HOPE THAT HELPED :-X

Which CD do you need to copy still pictures?

Pictures to CDAny blank CD should work, watch not to get blank DVD's or rw's (rewriteable CD's) for they cost more. Go after something marked 48x, and it should work fine.

How can you download pictures from a floppy to a CD?

If you have a CD Burner such as Nero or Roxio (Sonic solutions), start the program, choose Data CD and then then choose from the task bar "Add Data" and then select the drive where your data is, and follow the instructions.

How many pictures doe a CD hold?

depends on the CD

How do you put pictures onto a CD?

you glue them on the CD LOL

How many pictures does a CD hold?

that depends on the size of the cd ( as in how much memory it can hold) and how high the quality of the pictures is.

Can you copy more photos to a CD that already has photos?

As long as the CD still has enough unused space on it, you can add photos.

Should you save pictures on CD-R or CD-RW?

It is fine to save pictures on either one.

How do you say add more pictures in French?

ajouter plus d'images

Can you add more photos to either a CD-R or CD-RW?

You can add more photos on to a CD-RW. RW stands for ReWritable. With a CD-R you can't puts anything on it more than once. You add songs to it once and that's it. It is how it is, you can't do anything else with it. I prefer to get a CD-RW because you can reuse it. Say I had a song on there, but it messed up. I can either find it in my computer and delete the song and then put the right one on it. Or i can add the right one along with the wrong one. Hope this helps lots!

Is it better to burn pictures onto a CD or a DVD?

It depends primarily on how many pictures you intend to store on a single disc, the size of those pictures and where they will be viewed. Choosing one of the other will have no impact on the final quality of the pictures. While a DVD will hold several times the number of pictures of a CD, CD's can still hold a fair number of pictures. If you can fit all of the pictures you need onto a single CD, you are a little better off going with the CD. The reason is that most DVD players and DVD drives will read a CD, yet CD players and CD drives will not read a DVD. If you are sharing these pictures with someone that may only have a CD drive and not a DVD drive, the CD will give you greater compatibility. If you have too many pictures to fit on a single CD, you would still be okay sharing a DVD in most circumstances. Almost all drives installed in new computers over the past 7-10 years have been DVD drives. I think the DVD is better than CD, becaus of the better quality and bigger if you want to burn more pictures onto a CD or DVD, you had better choose the DVD disc, hope these informs can help you.

Can you put pictures CD-R?

i think you mean "can you put pictures ON a cd-r" and the answer is yes, of course just not a lot. get a USB DRIVE a 5 dollar one holds more pictures, and is re-writable, and soooo easy to use, you dont have to worry about burning.

How many pictures does a 700 MB CD hold?

400 pictures

Can you put pictures on a CD?

yes you can.

If one of your pictures is 2.9 MB than how many pictures can you put on a CD that has 680 KB?

Is this a trick question? Assuming that only integral number of pictures can be put on the CD, you can put 0 pictures, since the CD isn't big enough to hold even one picture.

How to view pictures on a CD?

How are you trying to view the pictures? Are you putting the CD into your PC? if so, what type is it? For argument's sake, let's say you're using a PC, and you want to view the pictures on the CD on your PC - insert the CD, and then open up My Computer, and look for the CD drive (Usually D drive). Double click it, and it will open up the CD for your viewing pleasure.

How do you get pics from the computer onto a blank disk?

There is software out there designed for multimedia purposes, such as movies & pictures. To put pictures on a CD to have in your archive. Simply purchase a bundle of CD-RW's (CD-Rewritables). Insert one of these discs into a CD-R/RW compatible drive bay (which most are compatible now a days). If you're running Windows, then goto "My Computer", select the CD-ROM drive you've inserted the disc into and double click or right-click and select "Explore". Then have your folder open with the pictures you want to move to the CD and either left-click and select the pictures to be written to the CD and drag and drop them. Or to select all of the pictures, click "Edit" in the menu of the folder window and click "Select All" and then in edit click "Copy". (This will copy all of the selected files to your memory buffer) then go back to the CD-ROM menu and click "Edit" then "Paste". If done right, your pictures should start copying to the CD-RW disc with no problems. Now you're CD contains data and can be stored away for future use, and you can also add additional files/pictures to the CD in the future if you desire.

Can you add photographs to a CD as they occur?

in cd writer you can do it

How do you know when CD RW is full?

When CD-RW is full, you will get an error message when trying to add more data to it. A CD-RW's typical capacity is 737,280,000 bytes (737 MB).

Which type of disc is used for pictures?

A Cd.

How many pictures can fit on a CD?

The number of pictures that can fit on CD depends on the size of the picture files. If each picture is 300 kilobytes, about 2,100 pictures will fit on a standard compact disc.

How do you download a picture CD on your Mac computer?

How do you download pictures from a cd to my Mac computer

How do you burn pictures from your computer to a CD?

To burn pictures from the computer onto a CD, all a person needs is to upload the pictures to the computer first. Then open the media program and insert a disk in the drive. The computer will then ask what the user is trying to do. Select "Burn to CD", then go to the pictures file and select each picture individually or select an entire group of pictures.

To burn photos CD-R or CD-RW?

Either will work. CD-RW has the advantage that you can add more content in later sessions if you don't "close" the CD, provided your CD writer and software supports multi session burning.