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How do you add or remove a program?

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Click start, Settings, Control panel, Add Remove programs.

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What is an application program Explain how an application can be addremoved from a PC?

what is an application program? how an application can be add or remove from pc. what is an application program? how an application can be add or remove from pc.

How do you delet a program?

go to your control panel click on add remove programs find the program and click on remove.

How do you remove antivirus software from your system as it did not appear in add remove program?

Go to

How do you remove softwares from our system?

Start-->Control Panel-->Add or Remove Programs-->Select Program to remove

How do you remove the virus program?

You can uninstall it with Add/Remove Programs Control Panel. But if the program is rogue program, you'd better use the antivirus removal tool.

How can I find out if a program is installed on my computer?

Go to control panel and Add/remove program and see if your program is installed or not

How can you remove a program from your computer if you can not find it?

A program is essentially a set of files. To remove a program that "Add or Remove Programs" cannot find, you need to delete the files. If you cannot find those files, it is likely that the program has already been uninstalled.

How do you get rid of NSIS?

You will need to uninstall the program from the add/remove section

How do you remove or uninstall a program in Windows XP?

Go to 'Start' - 'Control Panel' - 'Add/Remove Programs'.

How Do you Put Paint Program back on your computer?

Just go to the "Add windows components" (Maybe under add/remove program) and you'll find it in the list there.

How do you remove the application start on Google Chrome?

You can remove any application from add or remove program. It can be uninstalled by the uninstall button present there.

How do you remove downloaded material?

If it's a program or game - go to Control Panel and click on Add/Remove to delete it.

How do you completely delete a program?

Go to start, control panel, then add or remove programs or on windows 7 it says programs, uninstall programs, find the program and remove it

How do you remove counter strike from your computer?

To remove Counterstrike, or any other program from your computer, simply go to the Start Menu and choose find the Control Panel button. Open the Control Panel and select "Add/Remove Programs" button. When the Add/Remove Programs window opens, find the program you wish to remove and choose "Uninstall". This will completely remove the program from your computer. If it is on Steam, you can right-click the game and click "Uninstall".

Can add or remove program tool be accessed from window explorer?

There should be a "Control Panel" icon there. The add/remove programs is inside of that.*** The answer is no. Add/Remove programs are accessed from the control panel. A+ Guide to SoftwareChapter 5Page 253

How do you delete frostwire?

You can delete Frostwire by going to Control Panel, then add or remove program, find Frostwire, and click remove.

How do you remove limwire program from your computer progrime file?

go to the control panel and scroll to add/remove document and click on it

How do you remove a program from the all programs menu?

you first go to the start menu then search up add or remove hardware. \

What program in the Control Panel can be used to create a start up disk?

add and remove

How do you remove the third party antivirus to install new antivirus?

Go to Control Panel then Add/Remove Programs, click the program you want to remove

How do you get rid of a back up program?

Getting rid of a back up program requires the same steps to uninstall any program. If the program has its own uninstaller, it is best to use it. If the program does not have its own uninstaller then go to the Control Panel and select Add/Remove programs to remove the program.

How do you remove a file on desktop list?

u can delete it or go to right click on start go to the control panel and go to the add and remove program and search the program u want to remove it and press remove and it will be gone from ur PC

How do you remove a partician on a hd running Vista?

You can add/remove/modify partitions on your hard drive with a program called Partition Magic.

How do you permanently remove winantivirus?

You should be able to go into your control panel in the add/remove hardware section, the program should be in there in which you click on it and remove. Hope that works

What control panel applet would you use to uninstall a program on XP?

Add/remove software