How do you add stitches to knitting?

You can add stitches before you begin by casting on more, but when you are knitting and you want the number of stitches to increase to shape the knitting, you need to make a stitch called an 'increase.' This is fairly simple.

(Note that this is meant for normal knitting) You do one or two normal stitches before and then insert the right needle in the next stitch so that it goes behind the left needle. You then make the loop with the working wool, but instead of continuing, you hold the working wool, slip the right needle back a little and insert the in the loop again (make sure you go from the bottom to the top) and then make the loop again, then continue and finish the stitch. You should now have two new stitches on the right needle. You have now increased the amount of stitches, meaning that your knitting grows in shape. The new stitches will be quite tight, it may also be a little hard to push the needle in for a second time because some space is taken up already by the wool.