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write ashell script to add awo matrix using array.

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Q: How do you add two matrices using Linux shell script?
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What character is used to delimit most configuration files in Linux?

According to the Linux+ Guide to Linux Certification 2nd ed., most configuration files on Linux systems are delimited using the colon symbol (:) while the awk command uses spaces or tabs as delimiters for each field in a line. SudoKing, please note that the hash symbol (#) allows the commenting of lines, not the delimiting of lines. This is not to be confused with a hashpling (such as #!/bin/bash) which is located on the first line in a shell script, and specifies the pathname to the shell that interprets the contents of the shell script.

What command do you type in Linux to determine the shell you are using?

echo $SHELL

How do you convert a turbo c plus plus code into Linux shell scripting code without using gcc or g plus plus compiler?

You cannot. C++ and shell script (which shell, by the way? there are more than one) are entirely different languages.

How do you write a statement in DOS using shell script to display a word?

We can not perform Shell Scripting in DOS, we can do Batch programing in DOS..

How do you write a script which lists the 10 Shell System variables?

You don't need a shell script to do that. Since you don't say what 10 shell variables you want, you can list them all by using the 'set' command to list all known in-use shell variables in the current session.

How do you write functions in Linux shell scripting?

It can depend on which shell environment you are using, but what I use is: function something { # body of routine } # call the function something

How do you convert a present tense to a past tense sentence by using shell script?

What is the past tense of Array

How do you read a pdf file name using a shell script?

Your question is unclear; Are you talking about reading a filename that happens to contain PDF, or reading a PDF file itself? The shell script doesn't know or care what kind of files you are using. It all depends on what you intend to do with the file.

How can you use a sentence using matrices?

Which one of those matrices is more comfortable to sleep on?

How do you print a line on screen shell script?

That would depend on what shell you're using. Most seem to have a command similar to "echo x" which will print x to the terminal.

Shell script that counts the no of lines and words in a file without using wc command?

A shell script by itself would be a fairly poor way of doing this; using something like awk or perl with a pattern match for a word would be a much better choice. There are many examples on the net for this type of process using perl, for example.

What is the purpose of using echo command?

The echo command echoes out any of the command line arguments given to it. It is commonly used in shell scripts to echo what portions of the shell script are doing.