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You cant...You must be of legal age to sign any legal document. A lease is a legal document.

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Q: How do you add your underage brother to your apartment lease?
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If you are evicted from your apartment can you live with your boyfriend in the same apartment complex?

If you move in with your boyfriend, by law you are supposed to add your name to the lease with the landlord. All persons age 18 and over are supposed to be added to the lease if they are permanent residents.

Can you be evicted from your apartment for a crime someone else committed?

You need to add more details. If the person who committed the crime was living in your apartment in violation of your lease your landlord may have reason to evict you.

Can you force your landlord to add your same-sex spouse to the lease?

It depends what kind of lease you have. New York City is an example of a jurisdiction where same-sex marriage is legal. If it is a rent-controlled or rent-stabilized apartment, you are entitled to add your same-sex spouse to any lease renewal and there is no mechanism by which the landlord may object. If you live in public housing (e.g. NYC Housing Authority), a same-sex spouse is treated the same as any other spouse and may be added to the household providing there is no violation of regulations concerning criminal records, substance abuse or citizenship. If you live in any other type of apartment (i.e. "fair market" housing), then the answer is no. Your same-sex spouse certainly has a right to live with you. However, the lease is whatever it is. You cannot force the landlord to add anyone to the lease and if he agrees to alter the lease, it is a new lease and the rent can also be re-negotiated. As with all apartments outside of rent control and public housing regulations, when the lease is over, there is no automatic right to renewal.

Can you add a name to a car lease?

can a name be added to a car lease

Is there anything you can do if you have roommates who arent on your lease and your apartment complex says youll get evicted if they stay?

Yes, there is something you can do: GET RID OF THEM!! If your roommate won't move under their assertion of residency, you may need to take them to court and evict them. I hope you think about this before you take in any roommates. The proper way to add roommates is to add them to your lease if permitted, and do so properly according to room size (for example a one-bedroom apartment should have no more than two adults occupying the unit).

Can an apartment manager deny an application of one of two prospective tenants who intend to share an apartment?

If Jack and Jill wish to rent an apartment, the manager has the right to deny Jack's application and to only accept Jill's. Then the manager can, at his discretion, rent the apartment only to Jill. So, only Jill's name shall appear on the lease. However, Jill can then bring in Jack as a roomate and the manager can do nothing about it. Jack can live there with Jill as long as they please (legally). However, the manager shall never be obligated to add Jack's name to the lease (under current law).

Can you add your brother as your brother on Facebook?

Yes you can add your brother as your brother on facebook. Just edit your personal info.

How do you add someone to your lease?

To add someone to your lease, you need to check your lease agreement and consult your landlord or property management. Typically, this involves completing a rental application, undergoing a background and credit check, and signing an amendment to the lease. The landlord may require the new tenant to meet certain qualifying criteria and may also revise the terms of the lease, such as the rent amount and security deposit.

How do you add your girlfriend to your lease?

Do you mean 'How do I add my girlfriend to my lease?' Your landlord can agree to add her but is not obligated. Being on a lease is mostly 'agree to pay' so I wouldn't add her. Just have her live as your guest with money agreements between you and her a private matter. As your question reads, you own the house and wish to charge your girlfriend rent. Such relationships are often temporary. I would not like a formal lease. An informal deal with her ought to be enough and will let you two split easily if you wish later on.

Can you add on to apartments on Sims 2?

No. Only in apartment life.

Can santa add stairs in your apartment?

If you are on his good list yes!

If you're a senior in high school and next fall you and two of your friends want to get an apartment together what is the cosigning process?

It depends on who is doing to the cosigning and how old you are. If it is just you and your potential roommates, then you just need to find an acceptable apartment and sign the lease prepared by the landlord. If you are asking your parents to cosign or guarantee payment if you default, then the landlord can add some simple language to cover this situation.