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Well, you see, the thing is, you can't. I don't have a clue why you'd want to, unless you were trying to communicate with researchers there, but they never stay long, and you can't exactly write a letter to them. No postman's ever gonna go there.

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Q: How do you address a letter to Antarctica?
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What is Antarctica address of the country's chamber of commerce?

There is no chamber of commerce for Antarctica.

How do you write a return address to the US from Antarctica?

Your return address in Antarctica is based on the logistical operation of mail in your research station. Your station manager can give you the proper return address for your mail.

How many stamps will it take to mail a letter from GA to Antarctica?

Your answer depends on the address of the recipient. Your local postal authority can answer your question, given its weight and destination.

What animals from the Antarctica start with the letter O?

Octopus's live in Antarctica. :)

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What is a return address on a letter?

The return address on a letter is the address of the person sending the letter. It is important for the recipient of the letter to know from whom and where the letter originated and to have an address to respond, if necessary.

How do you send a letter to Antarctica and Who could you send it to?

Many countries have research stations in Antarctica. If you don't know a specific person at a specific station, review the list of installations on the link below and you can address your correspondence to 'To Whom It May Concern' or 'Station Director'. Most personnel information for these sites are not published because for most, it is a temporary assignment. Your inquiry may be given more attention if you contact an installation belonging to your own country rather than a randomly selected station. Since there are no roads or street addresses, you can address your letter to: the station name, Antarctica.

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