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Hey Dave==This does apply to the 305 since it is a chev engine. A 301 is a PONT engine and they have stops for the adjusting nuts. The 350 and 305 have hydraulic lifters and adjust as follows: Pull the coil wire so the engine won' start and bump the engine until the valves on #1 cylinder are both closed. Now turn the engine so the timing mark is on TDC. Adjust the following valves: INT 1-2-5-7 EX 1-3-4-8 Then turn the engine one turn so now it is firing on #6 cyl and adjust the folowing valves: INT 3-4-6-8 EXH 2-5-6-7 . When adjusting the valves, loosten the adjusting nut intil there is clearance between the rocker arm and valve end. Then tighten it just until there is no clearance{you can feel this if you turn the push rod while you tighten the nut} then turn the nut 3/4 turn MORE. This will compress the valve and the lifter will compensate. You can adjust them with the engine running but the oil goes EVEYWHERE and sometimes catches on fire. GoodluckJoe

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Q: How do you adjust tappets on a 350?
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