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you cant change it it is controled by the computer

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Q: How do you adjust the fule mixture on a 1994 ford ranger 6 cilander?
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How do you adjust the fuel mixture and increase idle on a 1994 ford ranger?

Fuel mixture can not be adjusted it is computer controled.You can adjust the idle by removing the cover where throttle cable attaches to the throttle body and turning adjustment screw

Can you adjust the ignition timing on a 1994 Ford Ranger 3.0?

if it has a distributor you can.

How do you adjust the headlight beam located on a 1994 Ford Ranger?

hey, you kick it but not to hard that you break it

How do you adjust the timing on a 1994 4.0L ford ranger?

The timing is controlled by the powertrain control module - not adjustable

How do you adjust the fule mixture on a 1994 ford ranger 2.3L 4cylinder?

The fuel mixture is computer controled you can replace the computer or it is usually the O/2 sensor that is bad located on your exhaust pipe the 1 before the cataletic converter closest to the engine.This is the thing that tells your computer what adjustments to make in the fuel mixture.

Your 1994 Ford Ranger starts once in awhile?

1994 ford ranger starts once in awhile

Does a 1994 ford ranger have struts on the front?

are there struts or shocks on the front of a 1994 ford ranger 2wd

What year seats will fit a 1994 Ford Ranger extended cab?

Can a extended cab 2000 ford ranger seats fit in a regular cab 1994 ranger

What size brake line is on a 1994 ford ranger?

What size is the steel brake line tubing on a 1994 Ford Ranger

Where is voltage regulator in 1994 Ford Ranger 2.3?

The voltage regulator is on the back of the alternator on a 1994 Ford Ranger 2.3 liter

What actors and actresses appeared in Ranger Smith - 1994?

The cast of Ranger Smith - 1994 includes: Corey Burton as Additional Voices

Did Ford make a 1994 Ranger 4x4?

I might be wrong, but I think Mazda made the 1994 Ford Ranger $x4.

How do you adjust the steering gear box on a 1994 econoline van?

How do you adjust the steering gear box on a 1994 Ford F150 Econoline van.

Lug pattern on a 1994 ford ranger?

The lug pattern for a 1994 ford ranger is 5x4.5. It is the same pattern that ford and dodge have used for years.

How do you adjust clutch 1994 kawasaki bayou 300?

how to adjust cluch for a 1987 bayou

What is octane for 1994 Ford Ranger?

" regular " unleaded , 87 octane is used for all engines in a 1994 Ford Ranger ( in North America )

What type of gas is best for 1994 Ford Ranger 2.3?

" regular " unleaded , 87 octane for your 1994 Ford Ranger 2.3 ( from the factory )

Will a 1994 Ford Ranger factory cassette radio fit a 1993 Ford Ranger?


How do you adjust a 1994 Saab headlight?

with a screwdriver

What size engine comes in a 1994 Ford Ranger 4 cylinder?

The 4 cylinder engine is 2.3 liters ( 140 cubic inches ) in a 1994 Ford Ranger

Will a door off a 1994 ranger fit a 2000 ford ranger?

No. Completely different body styles.

Is 94 Ford Ranger fuel injection?

Yes , the 1994 Ford Ranger has fuel injected engines

What is the OEM oxygen sensor for 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

OEM stands for original equipment manufacturer. The Oxygen sensor senses amounts of oxygen in the exuast to adjust the fuel mixture acordingly.

How do you troubleshoot the windshield wipers on a 1994 ford ranger?

you are

Will a drive shaft from a 1994 automatic ford ranger xlt super cab fit a 1994 manual Ford Ranger xlt super cab?

no. spline count is different

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