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How do you adjust the neutral safety switch in a 93 Dodge Colt?


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2012-04-10 07:27:52
2012-04-10 07:27:52

A neutral safety switch is located on a steering column or center console depending on where your gear selector is placed, and is for automatic transmissions. the clutch safety switch is located near the floor board on the firewall where the clutch petal meets it when depressed. in both cases these switch brackets can get bent or loosened

pull forward on a bent bracket, or tighten the strap and adjust in both cases to ensure the lever is engaging this button.


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The neutral safety switch on the 1998 dodge neon is a non adjustable switch. You can adjust the shifting arms, if the shifter is far enough off, then the neutral may not work properly.

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The neutral safety switch is part of the transmission range sensor and is not adjustable. It is mounted on the valve body inside the transmission.

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can you by pass a safety neutral switch on a 2001 dodge neon

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The neutral safety switch is located on the transmission.

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sorry the neutral safety switch is an internal part on the newer transmissions

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