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To adjust the volume and power on the Kenwood TK 840, hold down the GRP Down key and press the PWR key. When the power comes on, release the GRP Down key. Use the up/down arrow keys to select SYS and GRP. Now press the SCAN key once. Use the up/down arrow keys to make the adjustments you want. When you're done with the adjustments, press the PWR key.

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What if you put an indoor speaker into a car?

It would work but you would have to adjust the power. Since you are using AC speakers DC. More power=more volume.

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How do you reset the security code on a Kenwood KDC-MP922 car CD player?

I blew an engine fuse on my Miata and my Kenwood KDC-X859 went into the theft security mode when I reconnected it to power. After a lot of research and trial-n-error I was able to reset the code. I put the entire process and all of the useful links on my blog: -Bucky

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