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How do you adjust the timing chain tension on a 1998 Saturn SL2?


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you can't

: On the '97 Twin cam engine the cam chain tensioner depends on oil pressure. I had a problem that with 200,000 miles the chain had stretched farther than the tensioner could handle and had to replace the cam chain.


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There is no timing belt. Saturn Ion's use a timing chain.

The V6 Saturn used a timing belt. The 4 cylinder's used a timing chain.

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No. There is no adjustment. The timing chain tensioner is an oil pressure driven device that adjusts the chain tension as needed. It is located on the pivot guide behind the timing chain cover.

Timing chain as well as belt cannot be adjust. If the chain has got stretched you have to replace it.

The timing chain is self adjusting.

All of the Saturn 4 cylinder engines used a timing chain. The V6 Saturn's used a timing belt.

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All of the 4 cylinder Saturn vehicles used a timing chain. Only the V6 Saturn's used a timing belt.

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Hello Sir. Its not possible to adjust since its tension depens on the oil pressure, if there is too much slack in your chain, you change the tensioner. And maybe chain / chain houseing if its damaged. Mechanic Nic E

Yes, in fact all Saturn ION's have timing chains

It must have a timing CHAIN because Gates ( they make timing belts etc. ) doesn't list a timing belt for the 1999 Saturn 1.9 L

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