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First, for liability reasons I have to tell you that only a qualified gunsmith should adjust a triger.

That being said a 70 trigger is rather easy to adjust.

1. Check and double check that your rifle is unloaded.

2. Remove three bolts holding action to stock and separate the two. You will now see the trigger assembly.

3. There is a threaded screw through the rear of the trigger with a jam nut at the trigger. This screw and nut adjust the trigger overtravel, be careful you can adjust this too tight and not be able to pull the trigger at all.

4. Further down the same screw is two more jam nuts and a spring. Loosen or tighten these nuts to adjust the trigger pull to your liking.

5. For extra peace of mind you may want to put some nail polish on the screw and nuts to keep them in place. DO NOT USE LOCTITE it may seize the tiny nuts permantly.

6. Reassemble the action to the stock and tighted the three screws. The front screw and the rear screw should be 65 INCH POUNDS and the middle screw should be just snug(over tightening the middle screw will cause the bolt to bind) I use a little loctite on this screw so it can be left looser.

7. Prior to using the rifle test the trigger weight. WARNING be sure the gun is unloaded and the safety off. Now butt down the rifle and be sure the trigger is not light enough to cause the rifle to fire.

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What is a Winchester Model 70?

A Winchester Model 70 is a rifle.

Trigger pull is extremely hard 300WSM model 70 serial G360633 would also like to know how old is this gun Can you adjust the trigger pull yourself?

DO NOT ATTEMPT TO ADJUST THE TRIGGER PULL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Danger, Danger, Danger. It is no older than when the 300 WSM was introduced (2001)

What is the value of a Winchester model 70 270 rifle?

There is many variables that will effect the price of a winchester model 70.First is it a pre-64 model 70 rifle,or is it a post 64 model 70 rifle?What kind of condition is the rifle in?Is the wood and metal in good condition or is it worn?The best way to answer your question is to know the serial number so that your rifle can be dated and have you describe in good detail the condition the rifle is in.

Winchester model 70 rifle?

I do mnot understand your question?Are you asking if you have a winchester model 70,or how old,or if the rifle you have is a model 70.Please include the style of rifle(bolt action,lever action etc.)and the serial number,and model number.If these are posted in your question,then we can get you an answer.

How do i adjust trigger pull on mod 70?

Best left to a trained gunsmith

What is the history behind the winchester model 70?

The Winchester model 70 is a bolt action sporting rifle. In 1936 Winchester introduced the bolt action rifle to the American Market. The model 70 was largely based on the Model 54.

What year was ser1583653 Winchester rifle made?

Is your Winchester Rifle a Model 70 or a Model 94? Bert H.

What is the Most popular Winchester rifle?

Model 70

1971 Winchester model 70?

A good rifle.

What model is your Winchester rifle serial no g71023?


What is the best model 70 rifle?

Pre- 64

How do you adjust the trigger on a Winchester model 70?

Your two best options are to find a gunsmith and find a gunsmith. By the time you buy the necessary book(s) you could have paid a gunsmith to do it.

What is the value of a 1958 Winchester model 70 rifle?

1958 model 70 Winchester 3006 good condition

What is the age of Winchester model 70 serial number 47118?

your Winchester model 70 rifle was made in 1941.

How old is Winchester model 70 270 serial 195883?

Your winchester model 70 rifle was made in 1951.

How much is a Winchester 700 rifle worth?

Remington made the model 700 rifle.Winchester made the model 70 rifle.

What year is a Winchester rifle model 70 serial number G1939154?

With the serial number that you have supplied,your Winchester model 70 bolt action rifle was made in the year 1989.

Is the trigger pull adjustable on a Model 70 Coyote Lite?


What is the age of a Winchester model 70 with serial number g1216116?

Your winchester model 70 rifle was made by winchester in 1975.

What year is a Winchester model 70 serial number g1121021?

Your winchester model 70 rifle was made in the year 1973.

What year was your Winchester model 70 serial?

If you would supply the serial number to your model 70 rifle I should be able to answer your question for you.

What year was a Winchester Model 70 with serial number 744410 made?

Your Winchester model 70 rifle was made in the year 1965.

When it was made Winchester model 70 g1018652?

Your serial number indicates that your Winchester model 70 rifle was made in the year 1971.

What year is a Winchester Model 70 with serial?

Cannot say without you providing the serial number to the model 70 rifle in question.

What is the age of Winchester model 70 serial number1894988?

Your Winchester model 70 rifle was made in 1989 with the serial number you provided.

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