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How do you adjust the trigger on a Model 70 rifle?



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First, for liability reasons I have to tell you that only a qualified gunsmith should adjust a triger.

That being said a 70 trigger is rather easy to adjust.

1. Check and double check that your rifle is unloaded.

2. Remove three bolts holding action to stock and separate the two. You will now see the trigger assembly.

3. There is a threaded screw through the rear of the trigger with a jam nut at the trigger. This screw and nut adjust the trigger overtravel, be careful you can adjust this too tight and not be able to pull the trigger at all.

4. Further down the same screw is two more jam nuts and a spring. Loosen or tighten these nuts to adjust the trigger pull to your liking.

5. For extra peace of mind you may want to put some nail polish on the screw and nuts to keep them in place. DO NOT USE LOCTITE it may seize the tiny nuts permantly.

6. Reassemble the action to the stock and tighted the three screws. The front screw and the rear screw should be 65 INCH POUNDS and the middle screw should be just snug(over tightening the middle screw will cause the bolt to bind) I use a little loctite on this screw so it can be left looser.

7. Prior to using the rifle test the trigger weight. WARNING be sure the gun is unloaded and the safety off. Now butt down the rifle and be sure the trigger is not light enough to cause the rifle to fire.