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How do you adjust the valve timing in most cars?

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It depends if it is an OHV(pushrod motor) or a s.o.h.c./d.o.h.c. motor. Ohv engines can have a timing chain set that allow for adjustment, to be installed. You can also install crank keyways that adjust the timing by moving the crank cam gear the required degree/s. Overhead cam engines can have cam gears installed that allow for cam adjustments.

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What is variale valve timing?

variable valve timing is where the engine changes valve timing based on the driving situation much like ignition timing is changed to meet the needs of the engine in specific situations. in most cars valve timing is static and determined by the timing gear on the camshaft

How do you adjust the timing on a Chevrolet lumina 3.4?

You don't there has been ajustable timing on most passenger cars in 20 years!

What is a variable valve timing solenoid?

This component is electrically operated by the engine computer. It (on most vehicles) changes the oil pressure in the variable valve timing system to adjust the valve timing. It is very similar to the solenoids in use inside an automatic transmission.

What are common cars that use vvt?

Variable valve timing is used on numerous cars and trucks. The Chrysler 3.6L which is used in most new Chrysler vehicles for example.Variable valve timing is used on numerous cars and trucks. The Chrysler 3.6L which is used in most new Chrysler vehicles for example.

How do you adjust shocks in cars?

Only some aftermarket shocks have an adjustable valve. You most likely don't have an adjustment valve. List symptoms that make you believe you need better shock absorber performance.

What causes the valve to contact the top of the pistons?

Timing belt breaks or chain jumped. one thing that will cause this problem is over reving the engine. To the poster who said over revving the engine; please explain. I wonder how race cars can turn 12,000 - 16,000 RPM's and not sink a valve if revving has anything to do with it. May be the timing belt breaks? ANOTHER ANSWEREither the timing chain or timing belt has "slipped" (most common) or the valve has been sticking or the engine has been operated at an excessive RPM resulting in valve "float". Valve float depends on the mass of the valve assembly and the strength of the return spring. Elaborate valve assemblies have been established for the purpose of preventing valve float.

Do all Lexus cars have a timing belt?

no but most of the s classes do

How expensive is it to replace egr valve?

About $115. Labor $75 and valve $35. It takes about an hour. Most cars.

How to set your timing on a 1999 Ford Contour?

u cant most newer vehicles timing is controled by the cars computer

Why would a Chrysler 1995 would backfire?

timing , burnt valve, fuel/carburation prob.....most likely a timing/ignition problem.

Does Nissan tiida come with a timing chain?

Yes. Unlike most other cars in its range the Nissan Tiida comes with a timing chain as opposed to the timing belt.

How many gears are in most cars?

Well in most cars there are 5 gears and the reverse. Don't forget the timing gears, steering gears and differential gears.

How do you set the timing on a 1993 Ford Mustang XL?

Most newer cars 1990 up the timing is controlled by the computer. Read the tag under the hood that tells what motor is the the car it will probably say do not attempt to adjust timing.That is partially correct. The computer controls timing once the initial timing has been set. You can set the initial timing. You need a timing light. Basically you set up the timing light per its instructions and loosen the distributor hold down bolt/nut. Remove spout, start car and check timing with your light. You can move the distributor slightly to adjust the timing and tighten down when you are where you want to be. I would not go above 14 degrees and if you go there use premium fuel. HTH

When do you replace a timing belt?

Usually at 100K miles.on most cars its 100,000 miles

What is mean by valve timing overlap?

Valve timing overlap is the time when both exhaust and intake valves are open most engines with catalytic converters require valve overlap in order to send a small amount of raw fuel/ air mix to the converter's. An "open cam" has valve overlap a "closed" cam does not

How do you stop fire coming out of carburetor?

the most common cause is incorrect ignition timing. your spark plug wires are in the wrong order or your distributor is misadjusted, whoever did your tune up last time is responsible for the problem. Otherwise it would be caused by a misaligned valve timing chain or belt. If it ran before or while it shot fire out the intake, its probly not the timing chain/belt. if you recently removed or replaced that, you should be smart enough to correctly adjust ignition timing. Only other cause is a bent intake valve (least likely).

Does 2000 Camry 4 cylinder have timing chain or belt?

Most Asian cars tend to have a timing belt. If you have a maintenance schedule, see if there is a timing belt change interval. If so, it is a belt.

How do you rasie and lower head rest in cars?

Most cars have a button to push/hold at the base of one of the rails to adjust the head rest. Some luxury/newer cars have power headrests.

Why my 1994 Toyota pickup blows black smoke and has miss?

most likely timing is off or a bad valve

Does a 2.2 l Chevy motor have a timing chain?

i know the 2.2l from 1995 is. if it is an overhead valve then most likely it is.

How do you adjust the stop cock level on a toilet?

There is a screw on the top of the fill valve, but these are usually corroded. Most people just bend the rod holding the float to adjust the water level.

How do you adjust the ballcock for a toilet?

There should be a screw at the valve end that can be screwed in and out, but it is usually so corroded that you can't. Most of the time, you just bend the rod the ball is on to adjust the water level.

1993 buick lesabre timing chain service schedule?

I believe most cars are scheduled @ 60k

How often to replace timing belts on US cars?

Most reccomendations are between 60,000 and 100,000 miles

How do you adjust timing on a 1980 jeep cj7 258 inline 6 without timing light?

The most common and easiest way is to slowly turn the distributor cap back and forth until the engine sounds most efficient.