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There is a idle screw on the throttle linkage on the carb that you can turn to increase the idle speed and then hook up your timing light to check the timing.

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Q: How do you adjust timing on a 1985 Pontiac 305 when idle is off?
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How do you adjust a mercury 150 outboard boat motor idle?

You adjust idle with idle timing

How do you adjust the idle on a '90 Pontiac Lemans?

It is controled by the computer.

How do you adjust the idle on a 1985 Ford F-150?

turn the idle screw!

How do you adjust idle on 2001 Ford Escape?

All Ford vehicles cannot adjust idle nor timing wich is pre-set at the factory and the computer sets the idle and timing, vehicles after 1990 no longer can be adjusted.

How do you adjust the idle on a 1985 Honda Civic?

Idle on a 1985 Honda Civic is adjusted through a idle air control valve. This valve is located near the intake. Adjust the valve by either loosen or tightening it.

How do you adjust idle on Pontiac Trans Am?

all depends if it's carburated or fuel injected.

If you installed a chip on your truck will it affect your timing when you adjust it?

timing should be set with chip disabled(curb idle)

How do you adjust fast idle and curb idle on 1991 cheyenne 305?

try adjusting the ignition timing(or getting a mechanic to do it)

How do you adjust the idle on a fuel injected 89 Pontiac Sunbird?

If your engine is ideling fast its probably temperature senser. There is no adjustment for idle. that last answer is not entirely true. u can adjust the idle. but it depends on if its a throttle body unit that looks like a carburetor or a smaller unit. on a TBI unit, there is a screw u can adjust but the only way to adjust it is with the right tool. its not a Philips screw or straight blade. but if its idling high or fast it might be the idle air control valve. the one went out on my 1985 sunbird and caused it to idle funny.

How much does it cost to have the timing on a 03 Eclipse adjusted?

Even so eclipse uses distributor based ignition system, I'm not sure that you can adjust timing. The timing you can adjust is idle timing. But it basically never needs to be adjusted.

How do you adjust the idle on a 2001 Pontiac trans am?

You don't. If you are having an issue with idling check the IAC Valve.

How would you adjust the idle on a 96' Pontiac Grand Am SE?

There is no way to adjust the idle as it is controled by the computor. You either have a idle control mod. bad or crankcase sensor. Talk to your parts store and they should be able to give you some advise also.

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