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Depends on what valves your tubes are equipped with.

See link below for descriptions and how they work

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Q: How do you air up tires on a cannondale synapse bicycle?
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Who is the inventor of the Air filled bicycle tire?

Air fille bicycle tires were invented by John Dunlop.

Why do bicycle tires lose more air in the winter than in summer?

actually bicycle tire or for that matter any kind of tire does lose air, the heat in the summer causes the air in the tires to expand. That's why is not a good idea to fill your tires to the max in the summer time.

Which air is used in bicycle tires?

Usually the pump or compressor just takes air from the surrounding and pushes it into the tube/tire.

Purpose of the tube in the bicycle?

I'm assuming you're referring to the tubes in the tires here. The purposes for using air-filled tubes in bicycle wheels are comfort, traction and weight. W/o air filled tires, the option is solid tires, and solid tires gives a harsher ride on uneven surfaces, poorer traction and a higher weight.

Why are pneumatic tires used?

They smooth out bumps on the road. Let all the air out of your bicycle tyres and then ride it if you don't belive it.

What should the air pressure be on a bicycle?

There is no single answer to this--bicycle tires vary a lot. The maximum p.s.i. should be written on the sidewall. "Fat tire" cruisers are frequently about 35 psi; the narrow tires on road bikes sometimes go up to 120 psi.

When you ride a bike friction between tires and road heats the tires and air inside them how does this change the air pressure?

If all other things remain the same, a higher temperature means a higher pressure. For bicycle riding, the difference isn't enough to matter.

What is the use of air tube in bicycle?

It's there to cushion the ride. An air chamber is light, and dampens out vibrations from the road better than(most) solid tires. Air filled tubes would act as shock absorber. It is nice and fluid, makes the tires soft and able to absorb bumps and impacts.

Why does the temperature inside bicycle tires increase?

Basic physics ! Friction between the tyre and the road creates friction. This heats the trapped air within the tyre.

What is the volume of air in a bicycle tire?

The answer to that would differ a lot depending on what tire you're thinking about, and what the pressure is. Tires come in very different sizes, with very different volumes.

When would the air pressure inside a bicycle tire be lowest?

When you are not sitting on it.

Why do bicycle tires need to be pumped up to higher pressure than car tires?

Car tires have very stiff sidewalls, that can carry some of the load. Bike tires are flimsy and have to do it all by air pressure. Besides, om a bike, with the power restrictions of its human engine, it becomes more important to keep the rolling resistance down as much as possible.