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How do you answer 'Describe yourself in one word' in a job interview?


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March 31, 2011 8:50AM

In such a situation you can use positive words that bring about your most positive characteristics.

The words that you can use are: "Hardworking, loyal, quick learner, well adjust to changes, efficient team player, multi tasking, self-motivated and self confident +

Flexible, Punctual, Team player!"

The answer should also be ground in solid logic and should reference professional achievements.


Self-portraits are beautiful because they show how we see ourselves. Our words are different from others. We may not notice things others do. We know our good qualities. We know our bad points. We could go on for hours when it comes to describing ourselves but it is easier to leave some things to the imagination

Some words:

  • lovely
  • humorous
  • beautiful
  • complicated
  • futuristic
  • flexible
  • conversational
  • loyal
  • resonable
  • anal
  • punctual
  • nerdy
  • procrastinator
  • nonconformist
  • old fashioned
  • stubborn
  • spontaneous
  • indipendent
  • adept
  • inquisitive
  • creative
  • forgiving
  • hopeful
  • sentimental
  • possessive
  • ......