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You should answer honestly. A job interview isn't a "pop quiz" or final exam. The interviewer is trying to get an idea of how you feel about certain things. While a canned answer may increase the chances of you getting the job, an answer that doesn't represent your opinion may also increase the chances of your getting laid off sooner.

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Q: How do you answer 'Why do you think education is important' in a job interview?
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Why is an interview important?

an interview is important because the employer needs to know if the employee is good/qualified to do that particular job

Why is it important to be smart?

Well if you are attending for a job interview, looking smart is important because it shows you care about the interview and demonstrates your ability to conform to the expectations of the job.

How old are you supposed to be to have a job?

Although age enters into the equation for getting a job, more important is what kind of and how much education you have before applying for a job. In today's job market, employers can be quite fussy and only interview the ones with the highest education grades and degrees, so it's best to get that education - you won't regret it later on.

What is the most important thing about interview?

getting the job

How do you answer 'How is your education and experience relevant to this particular profile' in a job interview?

You have to tell in brief that whatever education you have taken how is that useful for that particular job.

How will personal introduction in job interview?

i will start introducing myself how am i then my education background

How would you answer a question from an interview what do you think you can bring this job?


How do you define efficiency in job interview?

I think it depends on the context. As an employer, what is more important to me is effectiveness and I think being efficient at your job lends itself toward being effective at your job. I think that efficiency could be subjective, but being effective is less so.

What are the factors that make a decision important?

A Successful job interview

The factors affecting job selection amongst new graduates?

Interview, Education, and Experiences.

Does being blonde affect your job interview?

yes it does, it shows that a job interview will go better if you are not a blonde. it makes the interviewer think you are stupid

How do you answer the question 'What qualities do you think will be required for the job' in a job interview?


What skills and experiences do you think you can bring to us?

It is important to prepare for a job interview by thinking about how you will answer questions such as this. You should be able to confidently discuss your strengths, expertise, and skills with the job interviewer.

How do you reject a job interview politely?

Just say thank you for the interview but no I don't think this job is right for me, shake the hiring manager's hand, and leave

What is most important to you in your job?

This can be a job interview question. You can say things like, professionalism, passion, willingness to do what it takes and teamwork are important.

Is education important to get a better job?


Why is the education so important?

For you can get a job and more?

How education is important to your life?

So you get a job

What are the possible questions in job interview in SM?

I think is Descirbe you self

Is hiring session and job interview the same thing?

I think so.

How should i answer Why should we hire you in an interview?

Answer it confidently. Tell them why you think your right for the job. If you cant think of any reasons why then maybe its not the job for you.

How important is a good preparation for a job interview?

Very important! If you're not prepared, the interviewers know it by your poor performance. Always do your "homework" and prepare for a good interview.

Why is it important to dress for success at a job interview?

So you can look very professional.

How ambitious are you Would you compete for my job?

In a job interview you might be asked how ambitious you are. The interviewer may think you would compete for their job.

How do you answer what is success in a job interview?

I was going to say that success is getting the job, but i also think it is coming away from the interview having learned something. Interviews are learning curves and one interview will help you perform better at the next.

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