How do you answer 'Why do you want to work here' in a job interview?

You have to ask, and answer, this question yourself, prior to the interview. Investigate the company, remember what you like about the company (its products/services, positive things it has done for the community/society, where the company is headed in the future, if it's an established company (for job security), how you think you can help the company succeed, etc.). It really depends on what type of job you are applying for (professional compared to part-time high school/college job.

Just make sure to investigate the company. If you're in the US, you can see if it is a member of the Better Business Bureau (for a company of which you've never heard). And let them know you're interested in them because of the positive things they have done and give examples. Or mention a problem they may be having and how you are the solution to that problem.

Our contributors offer more advice:

  • I think the most important thing is to be honest and genuine. For example, Why you want to work at the Disney Store? Why are you applying there instead of somewhere else? Is it because you think the environment will be fun and energetic? Do you think it will suit your personality and that you might fit in there? The interviewer wants to find out if you're the sort of person who will succeed at the company. That's what you want, too. You don't want a job you'll fail at. So, like I said, I think it's important to be open and honest. Be yourself. Show your genuine enthusiasm for the position.
  • You need to research the company you are wanting to work for and read their job description. When you are asked the question, then you can tell them how your background qualifications are transferable, and to work for (this company) will be a challenge and rewarding.
  • Here's an example: "Based on the research I've done, the company is an industry leader. When I visited your web site, I found some impressive information about the future projects you have planned. I was also impressed with the founders' backgrounds and the current financial statements. This is the company I've been looking for, I want to be where things are developing, changing, and growing. And I want to make a meaningful contribution to that development and growth."
  • The best way to answer this question is to RESEARCH the company first. Yep, whether you are applying at McDonald's or applying at a Fortune 500 Company. Do a search online. Look at their website. Find out who they are, what they do and why you'd want to work there. The WORST thing you can do is showing up at an interview knowing nothing about the company! Once you know about the company you can answer this question more easily (for example: "I've read about how this company's growth is on the rise and also how involved it is in the local community.") Do NOT make the answer all about you. The employer does not care if you want to advance your career, make more money or get better benefits. In this portion of the interview and with asking this question, they want to know what you are going to do for them.
  • Because, after extensive research, I have found that this company is best suited to my personal needs and therefore will allow me to make a greater contribution to your company than any other.
  • Usually, this question is asked to find out how you know about the organization's product(s) and culture. Do your research on line prior to the interview. Most companies have investor relations or about pages. So do your research and connect to the company's mission statement and the company's core values.
  • "I think this company would fully enhance my professional career growth."
  • Honestly, if you need a job, then say you need a job and intend to work hard at the job and to become more valuable to the company. If it's a career improvement, say so.
  • If you need a job and you are asked that question, say that you want to work there because you like the company and say why. For example: their hygiene levels are high and that it has a comfortable and efficient work environment. Compliment them.
  • In that question, I think the employer wants to hear that you know about their company so you better cite some good qualities of the company, say it and justify it. Also, give some reasons why you want most to at this company or about why you are personally attracted to the job.
  • Example: "I enjoy working with the public and want to continue to do so with a reputable company as I believe yours is. I have viewed your website and can see this is a company with solid foundations and excellent values."
  • Because I know that I would fill this position perfectly. Also, what I've seen here today, especially in terms of staff and environment, impresses me.
  • Primary reason is financial. Complimentary reasons include opportunities, proper match of skills, interests, and company needs.
  • Your company offers a challenging position in which drive, tact, and problem solving skills are essential.
  • I believe that my training, skills, and personality are a very good match for this position, and I am excited about the possibility of my working with this company.
  • I have heard and read about your company and I believe that I'm a very good fit for the position that we've talked about. I know that I can be valuable and happy here.
  • My skill set can make a difference here. My qualifications seem a perfect fit for this position, and it presents the challenge and opportunities that I need to be productive and happy.