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Confidence and personality. Even if you feel like you have a hundred butterflies racing around in your stomach, put on that smile, stand tall, look the person directly in the eyes, put YOUR HAND out for a hand shake and make it a firm one (without breaking their hand.) This goes for women as well.

Be sure you are well groomed. Get to the point and don't be afraid to crow a little about yourself. More than anything they like someone that is confident, smiles, is direct and can handle anything. Now in the real world we know that no matter what we all say about ourselves while going on interviews (this includes politicians too) we can be a little over zealous on ourselves without completely lying. Everyone does, so if you want to stand out, be as honest as possible, but don't be afraid to shine.

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Q: How do you answer What sets you apart from other people who want this position in a job interview?
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