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we can appear in aryabhatta maths competition if your ma'am selects you for BUT if your mam doesnt select you,you can also register for it on the website.......................

Jesus did not ever appear to Peter privately after His resurrection.

aryabhatta-2 (mother's name)aryabhatta-1 (father's name)aryabhatta-2 (mother's name)

discovery in maths by aryabhatta?

Aryabhatta definately.... We can say most Math belongs to him.

Aryabhatta Knowledge University was created in 2008.

India enter into space age by launching the satellite 'Aryabhatta' in the year 1975.

ariat is a privately owned company. it does not appear in the stock market

Aryabhatta wrote the book.I really don`t know what book he wrote

upgrade your account!NONONONO,you click on the person you want to speak to privately and a box with there picture and name should appear beside yours. Then, click options then anther box should appear. After click Whisper and talk.Volia!


you have to show the question paper of Aryabhatta competetion . which is of 2013 year.

Yes. Aryabhatta could not have come into this world without a mother and a father (and, hence, grandparents, etc. etc.) ;)

you can get the sample papers of aryabhatta at the official site of summer field school, kailash colony.

Aryabhatta from India.

it is a mathematician and a satellite named after him

Aryabhatta Research Institute of Observational Sciences was created on 1954-04-20.

Aryabhatt satelite was use in communication

he was a scientist,mathematician.... lolz

zero is discovered by aryabhatta

Aryabhatta is the inventor of zero

honours and awards of Aryabhatta

He was studied from the Nalanda university