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i would love a guy to come up to me with a confident stride and ask if i would mind him talking to me, then maybe buy me a drink and then take it from there, the getting to know me part would be a good start

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What if you Love a girl from Iran?

what really matters is if you love her or not. Not her nationality.

How can you convince your girl that you really love her?

There are many ways just the best way i can think of is to show the girl that you love her, or tell her why you love her, for instance what about the girl makes you love her.

How a boy flirt with a girl they really love?

no flirting just ask her out already if u really love her

How do you approach a girl for sex?

How to mentally approach a girl for sex?

How do you approach a girl your interested you really like?

speaking as a girl, i would say just be congenial, try to suss out if she likes you to.

How can a girl love when she doesn't love you?

A girl loves whoever she really really likes...and does not pick just happens. Maybe it's just not meant to be you.

What if the girl is 2 years older?

frnd age dosent matter in love. if you really love the girl .she can be yours.

What things should you love about a girl?

If you really 'love' them, You should like everything about them.

Who is tails really in love with?

Tails is in love with a girl named Gabrielle Rodriguez.

How do you kiss a girl really good?

Put your hands around her and just go for it. If you really love her, she'll love it.

What should you do if you want to love one girl but you are truly in love with another girl?

AnswersIf you want to love a girl but are truly in love with another girl decide what you love about each girl. The girl has more things about her that you like you should be with.It will be hard to love two girls if you keep on doing what you have been doing. AnswerThere are two possible answers here.First if the girl you are truly in love with either does not know or is not with you you must first approach her.Secondly if she does know how you feel and does not feel the same way you really must go on with your life,for if you want to "love" the other girl start with being honest with her and yourself. AnswerYou can't force love, it just happens. Perfect example is you know you won't love the 2nd girl half as much as you love the 1st and your not even with her. Don't settle for less. I believe there is more than one true love out there for everyone, just be patient.

What if you are in love with a guy and you are a guy?

Then you are in love with a guy. It's really no different from being in love with a girl

What are ways of approaching a girl?

Approaching a girl is easy if you have confidence. Approach her like you really want to get to know her and you would enjoy her company.

Does your girl really love you?

Maybe you should ask her.

How do you get girl to love you?

you flirt with her and be really nice to her and just be there for her

What do you do when you really really love a boy but a horrible girl likes him?

write a song about it

How do i tell a girl i love that i want her to be my girl friend?

don't say love!! it is really strange to hear that, tell her you really like her or you want to be more than friends

Whose love is greater boy or girl?

It depends whether the boy is the type of boy to love largely and whether the girl is the type of girl to love largely. But the main dependant is: whether they are really in love and how deeply in love they are....!

What if you are in love with a girl but it's another girl that like you and you like them too?

Don't love more than one girl. We get really pissed off.

How if you really love her you really really really love her but she's not sure of loving you anymore how if you can't find another girl like her?

If you really loves her why you think to forget.....continue your love definitely she will love is like a boomarang .....try to understand......... ALL THE BEST..

How do you prupose a girl if she is not interested in love and you really love her.?

If you haven't dated her that love your feeling is called lust

I dont want to tell a girl I love you?

Well then maybe you don't really love her.

Who is sonic really in love with?

Sonic The Hedgehog is in love with a girl named Jasmine Rodriguez.

How do you respond if a girl says i love you on text?

it will depend on the girl and on the conversations that you had with her and the approach that she takes . if its direct be cautious and find out whether its the truth and then say your word . but if the approach is romantic or she is shy to ask and if u know about her , why not say yes

What if you really love your boyfriend and he loves you to and he cheated?

get rid of him he doesnt really care about you girl!

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