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How do you ask a 5th grade girl out?

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You could do this game called "what would you do if" were you just ask "what would you do if" questions back and forth. (example : What would you do if, you were eating breakfast, and I sat down next to you with a bowl of cereal at your table?) And one day when your playing that game, a couple questions later, and its your turn to ask a question, say "what would you do if I asked you out?" and if she says something good, say "well, you wanna go out?"

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How do you ask a girl out in fifth grade?

it would depend on how old you are and if she is in the 5th grade. or if you are in the 5th grade and she is the same age or much older?need more info.

How do you make a fifth grade girl be a 4th graders girlfriend?

Just ask and say I love you girl so be my gf I'm a 5th grade girl

How does a 5th grade boy propose a 5th grade girl?

look i am a 5th grade girl so i know a lot about girls. no affense but i think that 5th grade is not a grade for dating but if you really like the girl then i think that you should tell her how you feel but do not be dramatic about it if i where in your situation i would go up to her and say i have a crush on you and if she says she likes you then ask her out but if she says no then give up it happens all the time just move on

What do you do to get more friends if i am a 5th grade girl?

Go and ask someone to be your friend? It works really.

How do you know if a girl is cheating on you in 5th grade?

In order to know that ask her besties they will know for sure.

If a 5th grade boy is a 5th grade girl ex and he says thangs mean but the girl likes hi what does the girl say?

take advise from a guy well if you like him you should try to be friends with him and ask who he likes and he will tell you but you have to be good friends

How do you ask a girl out in the 5th grade?

Uh, you don't. But if you have to, you must write a note that says check yes or no.

How does a fifth grade girl ask a fifth grade boy out?

I'm in 5th grade too I just asked my crush out. Just do it if he says no he doesn't know what he's missing

How you get a 5th grade boyfriend?

ask him out

Should you ask a girl out at the beginning of 7th grade?

It depends. You shouldn't ask a girl out just because of the grade you're in.

What does the average fifth grade girl weigh?

a 5th grade girl is about 95-110lb

How do you ask a girl out in 8th grade if your a girl?

That is not right

How do you get a fifth grade boy to ask a fifth grade girl?

get them to become friends then after a will like 6th grade ask her out

What should you do because you are in 4th grade and someone you like is in fifth grade?

If you r a boy boy that likes a girl in 5th just dont ask her out if you r a girl then do itI would be freaked out if boy in fourth grade asked me out and if I was a boy and it was a cute girl then yeah I would do it!

How do you impress a 5th grade girl?

She only in 5th grade give her a play ring or sum

How do an 11 year old girl ask a 5th grade boy out?

be yourself for a while and then ask him if he likes if he likes you ask him out but not immediately, but if he doesn't like you then give it to him good luck

How does a 5th grade girl make friends?

Nice. Them and say hi! Ask them what there favorite thing to do is! Don't be shy be outstanding!:)

Im in the 4th grade but you want to go out with a girl in the 5th grade how do you ask her?

you should just become friends with her first and if she really likes you age won't matter.

How do you talk to a 4th grader girl on the phone and you are in 5th grade?

Ask for her phone number and call her or text her.If you like her don't be shy to tell her and ask her out.

In 5th grade how do you ask a boy out?


What do you do when you like a girl and a girl likes you in fourth grade?

ask her out

How do you get a 4th grade girl friend?

You have to be nice and tell her in 5th grade?

How do you get a boy in fifth grade to ask you out over text message?

you ask him out in person. And just say txt me back. And ifhe txts you back yes then good for you. first ask to be boy friend and girl friend thats how i got ask i am a 5th grade boy

How do you get a girl friend in 4 grade?

Ask her out .

How does a 5th grade guy tell a 5th grade girl he likes her?

Hey umm.. your one of the nicest girl i have ever met and i kinda like you