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You could talk to the child about good touching and bad touching you could even use a doll to use to teach them about good and bad touching and then you can ask them if anyone has ever touch them this way and show them on the doll and look at there face when you are asking them cause that can tell you alot but remember to tell them that if someone touches them the bad way they will tell them not to tell anyone and then you have to tell the child that is the wrong thing for someone to do but you have to do this alittle bit at atime and if they dont want to talk about dont push the issue about it and try to talk to them another time but if they are willing to talk about it tell them to show you on the doll what has been done to them but remember get down to there level when you are talking to them and be very patient with them cause it can take awhile for them to come around with this one

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Q: How do you ask a child if they have been molested?
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