How do you ask a guy out if your really shy?

Well, i was in this situation a few days ago and now meand my boyfriend are going to the movies tommorow. Just take a deep breath and walk right up to him and ask him, or if you're too shy text him and ask him out. I told the guy that i liked him first (to see how he reacted) then i waited to see if he would pop the question, but he's really shy. So i texted him, first i said 'can i ask you somthing?' to kinda lay the trap and then 'do you want to go out with me?' and it worked. Remeber life is all aboit risks, you've gotta take them. And if he says no, he's missed out. My motto (as weird as this may be but it helped) was 'we're all gonna die anyway, so whats a little embarrasment or a little heartbreak'. This may seem a bit negative but it's true. So hope this helped.