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Well, i was in this situation a few days ago and now meand my boyfriend are going to the movies tommorow. Just take a deep breath and walk right up to him and ask him, or if you're too shy text him and ask him out. I told the guy that i liked him first (to see how he reacted) then i waited to see if he would pop the question, but he's really shy. So i texted him, first i said 'can i ask you somthing?' to kinda lay the trap and then 'do you want to go out with me?' and it worked. Remeber life is all aboit risks, you've gotta take them. And if he says no, he's missed out. My motto (as weird as this may be but it helped) was 'we're all gonna die anyway, so whats a little embarrasment or a little heartbreak'. This may seem a bit negative but it's true. So hope this helped.

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How can you get the guy you like to ask you out even though he is really shy?

touch his balls

How do you ask a really shy guy out?

The best way to ask a shy guy out is not to ask him in public. Don't ask your friends to ask him for you, or don't ask his friends to ask him. Say it straight to his face. Make him feel at ease, so try to sound relaxed.

What would be the best way to ask a guy who's really shy out?

There is really no wrong way to ask a guy out. Ask him if he wants to hang out and do something low-key that you both enjoy.

How will a shy guy act if he likes you?

He will be really confident and initiate conversation and probably ask you out.

How do you get a really shy guy to ask you out?

Start talking to him first. Hang out with him a while, an get to know him.

How does a teenage girl show a teenage guy she likes him if she ain't shy?

Flirt, that's the best, hang out or if your really not shy, ask him out.

When you really like a guy and he is really shy and you want to know if he likes you back how can you tell?

just be brave and ask him out

How do you know if the shy guy has a feeling to you?

Ask him. He's to shy to ask you, he's hoping you will ask him.

How do you start a convorsation with a girl if your a shy guy?

tell her she looks really nice, or ask her what she does for fun.(:

How do you talk to a guy if you are really shy?

Smile and ask him questions about himself . If he says anything, ask him more questions about what he said.

What do you do if you really want a date to an upcoming dance but the guy u like is shy?

Just ask him! He's not going to kill you if he's shy!!

Why do guys ignore you?

if a guy is ignoring you it eather means you are really weird (witch your probobly not) or he really likes you and he is to shy to ask you out.

If a guy cant ask you out himself is he worth bothering with?

No because it means he is not really interested. Even if he is shy, if he really likes you, he will muster up the courage to ask you out.

How do you not be shy in front of a guy you really like?

Well I am a boy but I was really shy to ask out a girl so i just sucked it up and asked her and after she said yes you would regret not asking her/him

How can you ask a guy out if im shy?

text him or ask your friend to do it for you

How do you know when a shy guy likes you?

ask him

How do you tell if a shy guy like you?

You ask him..

How do you not be shy and talk to guy more?

All you have to do is just think of it like your talking to a friend. If you like this guy, just smile and bring up something he likes. after a couple days of talking you can ask him out. But if you are still shy you can ask one of your friends to ask him out for you. I really hope this helps.

If you have a major crush on a guy but your to shy to tell him you like him what should you do?

Well If you really like this guy don't stand by and let him get away if he flirts with you then ask him to a movie and if you got along then if he don't ask you out then ask him out.

Shy teenage guy ask out a girl?

Its hard but if you really like the girl go ask her out. Take that risk you never know if you don't try. Or ask a friend to ask her out for you.

How does a shy guy ask a girl out?

Get to know the girl and have a chat with her then when you feel confident and you reckon you know this girl reallywell just smoothly ask her out :)

So how do you talk to the guy you like if you get REALLY shy?

rehearse or if you have begun, ask him what he thinks so far, then reflect upon that.

How can you tell if a painfully shy guy likes you?

You ask him.

How do you make a guy that likes you but is shy ask you out?

You can't make someone ask you out. So if you like the guy but he's too shy to ask you out then try asking him out instead. Otherwise it might not happen

How do you confirm that a guy likes you?

Try asking him. Well if you're to shy to ask him, I'd recomend asking a close friend that you really trust to ask him if he likes you.

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