How do you ask are you romantic in french?

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êtes-vous / es-tu romantique?

How did the Romantics regard the French Revolution?

Answer . The Romantics regarded the French Revolution as Europe's future. The revolutionary watchwords liberty,rights of man,the individual, and equality became their basis

How can you romantically ask a girl if she likes you?

Answer . joke around with her for a bit, and write her some notes. \nit's especially cute to go back old school style like when you were in elementary school. if you're bei

How does a boy ask a girl out romantically?

It depends upon the girl. If you want to be really romantic you have to make the way that you ask her out very original. You have to do it someway that no has though of before

How do you ask a girl out romantically?

to ask a girl out romantically just ask her politely what are your hobbies, got any boyfriends, like me? etc. act on her answers.if she has a boyfriend NO!etc.......... A

How do you say romantic in French?

The french word is similar to the English one. The only difference is the spelling. The french word for romantic is romantique .

Romantic words in french?

love amour love at first sight le coup de foudre friendship amitié I love you Je t'aime I love you too Moi aussi, je t'aime How to say

How do you ask out a girl in a romantic way?

You could ask a girl out in a romantic way by giving her flowersand chocolate. You could give her compliments and tell her that youwouldn't want to spend your night with anyon

How can you ask a girl out romantically?

idk...and im a girl. but i will tell you that we tend to fall for the cocky ask outs... as long as you add a smile or wink to let them no that you arent an egocentrical a-hole
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What are romantic ways to ask a girl out?

Hire a blimp with a banner that says: will you go out with me? Make dinner and write on her napkin: will you go out with me? Go to a carnival and set up a fake kissing booth!