How do you ask are you romantic in french?

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êtes-vous / es-tu romantique?

How did the Romantics regard the French Revolution?

Answer . The Romantics regarded the French Revolution as Europe's future. The revolutionary watchwords liberty,rights of man,the individual, and equality became their basis of a moral and humanitarian viewpoint that could be applied beyond the orbit of French Revolution. (Matthews and Platt, 477) ( Full Answer )

How can you romantically ask a girl if she likes you?

Answer . joke around with her for a bit, and write her some notes. \nit's especially cute to go back old school style like when you were in elementary school. if you're being playful and talking about other things then slide her a note saying top secret, when she opens it up inside it will say, " ( Full Answer )

What are the romantic or cool ways to ask a girl out?

Answer . ask her on a date first then grab her hand(if you want to) then when the night,day is over just ask her she will be expecting it probally. Answer . When she's alone & walking away or going somewhere yell for her and run up to her tell her how you feel ask her out and kiss her :) YUH. ( Full Answer )

How does a boy ask a girl out romantically?

It depends upon the girl. If you want to be really romantic you have to make the way that you ask her out very original. You have to do it someway that no has though of before. It has to directly relate to things that she likes or things that she likes to do.

How do you ask a girl out romantically?

to ask a girl out romantically just ask her politely what are your hobbies, got any boyfriends, like me? etc. act on her answers.if she has a boyfriend NO!etc.......... Asking a girl out romantically... here's what you do. 1. Find out what her romantic places are. 2. Get to know her bef ( Full Answer )

How did the French Revolution spark off the Romantic period?

Many citizens of Great Britain agreed with the French Revolution at it's start. It was a source of hope for the lower classes. However, after the Revolution, there were strict laws imposed on the French and the country became more of a monarchy than before. This angered the British and the poets fou ( Full Answer )

How do you say romantic in French?

The french word is similar to the English one. The only difference is the spelling. The french word for romantic is romantique .

Romantic ways to ask a girl to homecoming?

Ask her out in front of the whole lunch room, buy her flowers and write inside the card will you go to homecoming with me, or you can just tell her how you feel and ask her, or if your too scared for any of that tell a freind to ask her for u or write a note.

Romantic words in french?

love amour love at first sight le coup de foudre friendship amitié I love you Je t'aime I love you too Moi aussi, je t'aime How to say I love you in French - step by step I adore you Je t'adore Will you marry me? Veux-tu m'épouser ? to ( Full Answer )

How do you ask out a girl in a romantic way?

You could ask a girl out in a romantic way by giving her flowersand chocolate. You could give her compliments and tell her that youwouldn't want to spend your night with anyone else.

How do you aske how are you in French?

In French, to ask 'how are you?' , you say: ça VA? To answer, you can say: ça VA bien! Meaning 'I'm good!' Then you say: Et toi? ça VA? Meaning 'And you? How are you?' Be careful of which tone you use to answer someone's question though, because it may s ( Full Answer )

Ask in french how are you?

Comment êtes-vous ? "Comment ca va?" or just "Ca va?" (informal) "Comment allez vous?" (formal)

Romantic things to say in French?

I love you is 'Je t'aime'. I adore you is 'Je l'adore'. My darling is 'Ma/mon chéri/e'. I can't live without you is 'Je ne peux pas vivre sans toi'. And my favorite: Will you sleep with me tonight? "Voulez-vous couchez avec moi ses soir?

How can you ask a girl out romantically?

idk...and im a girl. but i will tell you that we tend to fall for the cocky ask outs... as long as you add a smile or wink to let them no that you arent an egocentrical a-hole. and keep it humorous and clean. if you make it dirty then youre going to give the impression that all you want is to slee ( Full Answer )

How do you ask for a coffee in french?

Can I have a little coffee: Puis-je avoir un peu de café ? Can I have a cup of coffee please: Puis-je avoir une tasse de café s'il vous plaît ?

How do you ask a boy out in french?

Hi ! I'm perfectly bilingual so you can trust me on this one. You say : " Voudrais-tu sortir avec moi ?" it actually means : would you go out with me. Hope this helps !

How do you ask in french how old are you?

If you're speaking to someone you know (aka a friend) it's "Quel âge as-tu ?" (literally translates to "What age do you have") If you are speaking to a person of authority (aka a boss a teacher) OR to two or more people then its "Quel âge avez-vous ?"

How many French romantic composers used opium?

You can't put a definite number on it. But Hector Berlioz was definitely at least interested in opium, if not an actual user. See 'Symphonie Fantastique'.

How do you ask your boyfriend to french kiss you?

If you need to ask, just ask. "Will you french (kiss) me?" should be fine. If you are comfortable in the relationship just initiate it yourself. Make sure that you're ready to kiss though, a kiss of passion like the fench kiss is fairly large step in creating an emotional bond, so talking about it ( Full Answer )

How do you ask what someone is planning to do in French?

Ask Qu'est-ce que tu vas faire...? or Tu vas fair quoi...? to ask "What are you going to do...?" but replace the ellipsis with a time or place, such as à la piscine or au parc . If you want to speak formally, replace an tu with vous (for example, Qu'est-ce que vous vas faire demain? ) ( Full Answer )

How do you ask for permission in French?

(Est-ce que) je peux...? means "May I...?" Est-ce que is optional for introducing a yes-or-no question. Est-ce que tu es d'accord? means "Is that okay with you?" Vous êtes d'accord? is the more formal form. Examples: Je peux promener le chien? means "May I walk the dog?" Je voud ( Full Answer )

How do you ask her to French kiss?

Really just go with the flow ! But if you really want to be funny and say baby I wanna put my toung in your mouth and make it a laughing moment! Be kindah cooky the whole time your with her so it won't be awkward! See what I'm saying? Good Luck :) ( check your breath ]

How do ask you do not speak French in French?

To ask: "Do you speak French?" : Parlez-vous français? To say : "I do not speak French," : Je ne parle pas français. To say : "I speak French," : Je parle français. To literally say : "You do not speak French?" would be "Vous ne parlez pas français?"

How do you ask about someone's plans in French?

Qu'est-ce que tu vas faire (cet été)? - What are you going to do (this summer)? Où est-ce que tu vas aller (pendant les vacances)? - Where are you going to go (during the vacation)?

What are romantic ways to ask a girl out?

Hire a blimp with a banner that says: will you go out with me? Make dinner and write on her napkin: will you go out with me? Go to a carnival and set up a fake kissing booth!

How do you ask in French Are you bored?

First, u get a plane ticket to france. Then u get on that plane and fly to France. Next, once in France, walk up to someone and say "are you bored"

How do you ask and how are you in french?

"Et comment ca va?" (Eh komm-on-saw-vaw) or, more formally, "Et comment allez-vous?" (Eh comm-on tahl-ay-voo) (The 'tahl' rhymes with the "Val" in valley. The first way means, "and how it goes?" (We might say, "how's it going?) The second way means, "and how go you?" (We might say, "and how ( Full Answer )

How do you ask for a table in a french restaurant?

IMPROVED: If you are asking to be seated in a french-speaking restaurant, the expression is "Est-ce que vous pouvez m'asseoir?" or "Can you seat me?" or, "Je voudrais un table pour _____, s'il vous plait? This is the more polite, expected, and accepted way. The first is 'I would like...' Fill in ( Full Answer )

What did the french revolution make the romantics believe?

Even though the romanticism movement had been already instituted in certain European countries, notably Germany (and England to a certain point) through the work of the Schlegel Brothers and their manifest on romanticism, the movement was relatively late in developing in French culture. As a matte ( Full Answer )

How do you ask a girl out on a romantic date?

You simply ask her on the date and get that part over with. You need to find some sort of smart way to do it as well (depending on what she likes will depend on how you do it).