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êtes-vous / es-tu romantique?

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Q: How do you ask are you romantic in french?
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How do you say romantic in French?

The french word is similar to the English one. The only difference is the spelling. The french word for romantic is romantique.

How romantic in French?


What would be the most romantic way to ask a girl out on her birthday?

A romantic way to ask a girl out on her birthday would be to take her flowers and ask her in person.

How do you say hope it is beautiful and romantic in French?

beautiful - belle romantic - Romantique

Who was the french romantic composer that lost his hearing?

The only famous romantic composer to lose his hearing was German, not French. His name was Ludwig von Beethoven.

What is so romantic about french?

vou ec torno

How do you say how romantic in french?


Was the french horn significant in the romantic period?


Why would a girl ask if you are having a romance?

Probably to see if you're the romantic type. If she's trying to ask you out, she's probably questioning if you're romantic.

Where do you take a girl out once you ask her out?

1. To the cinema (prefrably a romantic movie) 2. to a romantic dinner

You like someone but you dont know that he likes you or not?

ask them. or get someone you know to ask them

What is the most romantic language?

There is no one "most romantic" language as the perception of romance is subjective. Languages such as French, Italian, and Spanish are often considered romantic because of the way they sound and their cultural associations with love and passion. Ultimately, any language can be romantic depending on the context and delivery.