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Dear Sir,

The undersigned working in Hourly rates for almost three (3) years, so hereby request your good consideration to grant my hourly rates salary to be fix salary.

Looking forward for your kind and human consideration.

Respectfully yours,



2012-10-08 06:04:42
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Is the salary of a psychiatrist a fixed or variable cost?

Variable if the psychiatrist is paid at a certain rate hourly or daily; fixed if the salary is fixed for a given period (i.e.) annually).

What are the differences between wages and salary?

A wage is an hourly pay, while a salary is a fixed amount of money you get no matter how many hours you work.

Are salary and wages synonyms or antonyms?

The two are nearly synonyms, except that "salary" is usually applied to a fixed payment (weekly, monthly, yearly) while wages usually applies to an hourly or daily payment.

Is executive salary a fixed or variable cost?


What is fixed component and variable component in salary?

fixed compnent

What is the salary of a black ops agent?

A black ops agent doesn't have a fixed salary, instead they are paid based on the success or failure of their missions. Obviously failure can result in serious consequences such as death.

Is the salary of a lecturer a fixed or variable cost?

If salary is on per lecture basis then it is variable cost otherwise it is fixed cost.

Is staff salary variable cost or fixed cost?

its a fixed cost

What are the advantages of a salary wage?

Salary workers tend to get better benefits. They also get paid time off, which isn't always true for hourly workers. They don't have to punch a time clock. And the salary is a fixed amount every pay period, which makes it easier to set a budget. Usually people checking credit prefer to see a salary, which provides a consistant pay check without any fluctuations due to schedules changes and illness, etc. On the plus side, hourly workers get paid for overtime.

What does 'salary' mean?

A fixed compensation paid regularly for services.

What are examples of Variable Cost?

Variable costs are costs that varies or are not fixed. Those are expenses that change in proportion to the activity of a business. Examples are: raw materials (when the activity is decreased, less raw materials are used), transportation costs.However, its distinction as variable or fixed may vary on different organizations or situations. A salary of a regular employee is fixed, while salary of an hourly employee is variable.Some expenses also have fixed and variable elements. These are called semi-variable costs. Electricity may be fixed on some organizations, but may vary depending on their activity.

Is a supervisor's salary a fixed or variable cost?

A supervisor's salary typically is considered a fixed cost. The salary of a supervisor typically would not be variable, unless there were other things involved, such as bonus pay.

The pay type that is the easiest to plan a fixed budget around is?

Salary. It is a fixed expense.

Name some ways you can be compensated for work?

The most common ways to be compensated are either a fixed salary that is paid either weekly or biweekly, hourly wages for the amount of time the job took, or a set price to do a single job.

What type of cost is salary expense?

fixed cost

What is the salary of the president of the US in 2009?

Fixed at 400k

Is salary and wage the same thing?

No, salary and wage are not the same thing. A salary is a fixed amount of money that an employer agrees to pay an employee per year, for doing a specific job. For example, someone is hired to be an bookkeeper and is paid $50,000/year. Wages usually refer to an hourly rate of pay, and therefore they are not fixed; they depend upon the number of hours worked. For example, a person could be hired to load trucks for $15/hour. If he works for 3 hours, he earns $45.

What is the definition of 'salary'?

Salary is defined as a fixed regular payment made by an employer to an employee. This can be biweekly or monthly depending on the agreed terms.

What are the fixed costs for a fast food restaurant?

Manager's Salary

Is a salesman's salary considered a fixed or variable cost?


Example of fixed costs in a pizza business?

I would suggest that a possible fixed cost would be the salary of the owner.

What statement describes the term salary?

salary refers to the fixed amount paid on a weekly, bi weekly, or monthly basis

The fixed amount of money a worker is paid for a job is called a?


Is labor cost fixed or vriable cost?

Labor costs can be considered fixed, variable or both depending on the business. If workers are hourly (e.g., factory workers, delivery drivers, etc.), labor is generally considered variable. If workers are on an annual salary, but are hired and fired based on production needs (e.g., floor managers, plant managers, etc.), labor can be considered variable. If workers are on an annual salary, but are not hired and fired based on production needs (e.g., Chief Financial Officer, Director of Operations, etc.), labor can be considered fixed.

What is the salary of a barrister?

It varies as in essence barristers are "self employed" however working for the CPS or CDS you would receive a fixed salary.