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This is coming from a guy just ask him if you like him or have a friend to do it for you But do it by yourself because I don't like their friends asking for them


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How do you get a guy to ask you to be his girlfriend?

Ask your friend if the person likes you and if she does then ask her out

Ask him why is he looking at you like that? And ask him does his girlfriend know that he's looking at you like that?

If you are dating then by definition you are his girlfriend.

you ask the guy if you would like to go out with him and i have a feeling he'll say yes.

you should look at the guy and see if he has a girlfriend and if he dose not you should ask to hang out. look at the guy and see if he has a girlfriend and if he dose not ask to hang out but dont push it

he probley say the qnswer then say why???

uu wait till one of them dumps the other then uu ask the guy out : )

Well not likely unless he breaks up with his girlfriend first.

Well, a guy may ask that question to his girlfriend out of curiosity or perhaps he hopes that he is your first kiss.

you ask her if she likes the guy if so - break up time if not - froget about the guy

There is no way to know for sure. You could ask.

Just ask her. Most girls wont ask a guy so you have too. take a shot at it. =]

it means that the guy doesn't want to go out with you or he is just surprise that you never asked or he has a girlfriend

Ask him or throw out subtle signs and see how he reacts.

When someone ask you "Will You be my Valentine?" it means will you be my boyfriend/girlfriend.

It most likely means he likes you but is either to shy to have a girlfriend or is not ready to have a girlfriend.

If you like him enough, ask him. If you are just interested, get a friend to ask one of his friends if he has one.

I do not understand why you ask this...first talk to your girlfriend and try to get as many things has you can out of her to see if she does really like another guy. If she does break up with her right then and there.

You can either ask his friends and if you don't know his friends then be friendly to this guy and simply ask if he's dating anyone. It's called 'communication.'

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