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Vous désirez? - What would you like?

(Est-ce que) je peux vous aider? - May I help you?

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Q: How do you ask someone if they need something in French?
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When we ask about someone's health how do we ask in french?

When you want to ask about someone's health in French you would say Comment allez-vous.

How do i make out with someone?

ask them out or something

What do you do if you are confused about something?

Ask someone who isn't confused about that something, someone patient who can explain it to you.

How do you ask someone where they are from in french?

D'où venez-vous ?

Can you help me in first in math?

If you ask a math question, such as "What is two plus four?" someone will likely answer it for you. If you need to understand how to do something, such as factoring, you can ask about that too.

How do you ask someone where they stay in french?

ou loge tu

How do you ask someone how tall you are in french?

Combien mesures-tu?

What is the popultion of jaguars?

ask someone on or something

What is a word starting with you and means to ask someone something?

"you ?"

How do you tell if someone is putting something into my coffee?

ask her or him...

What if someone made up something mean and how do you get him to ask you out?

Why do women try to get the guy to ask them out? Ask him out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How can you help someone that needs help?

U could help a person if they are in a struggle and ask if they need help or advice 4 something Or something like ?

How do you ask someone to say something in English?

Please say something in English.

How can someone ask something about someone that isn't about them from someone else?

.......WHAT? Say hey, can i ask you a question for a friend? He wants to know. You're welcome.

How do you ask someone how to spell their name in french?

Je douis parte

How would you ask someone if they were hungry in french?

avez-vous aim?

How would you ask someone how the are in french?

Comment ca va? x

Derive an expression for open belt drive?

This is something that you would need to have a professional do. You can ask someone in engineering or mechanical engineering to assist with.

How do you ask someone to buy something?

Tell him "Please buy such-and-such".

What is the question to ask someone their name in french?

"Comment t'appelles-tu ?" or "comment vous appelez-vous ?" are the questions to ask someone their name.

How do you hynotize someone without them knowing?

You can simply get them to do something that they are really invested in, then simply ask them nicely to do something. If that doesn't work, just make them stare at something for a little while and ask them to do something.

Will you hurt someone by posting?

Yes you will because you need to ask them before posting something that they might not like. If you are mad at someone then do not post anything mean. Just talk it over with them.

Where can the line be drawn between gifts and bribery?

when you ask someone to do something, and they wont, then you give them something nice, and if they say yes then, that's bribery. if you give someone something and only ask for a thank-you then that's not bribery.

What is the esayist way to ask someone out?

Go up to her and ask wanna go to a movie or something??

How do you answer 'What didn't we ask you that you would like to tell us' in a job interview?

It is kind of complicated because i don't think you can ask someone not to do something that they can also ask. Because when you ask something, its a question... but you can't ask someone not to do a question like " Don't do why is chocolate brown? "