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How do you ask someone if they need something in French?


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Vous désirez? - What would you like?

(Est-ce que) je peux vous aider? - May I help you?


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ask them out or something

If you ask a math question, such as "What is two plus four?" someone will likely answer it for you. If you need to understand how to do something, such as factoring, you can ask about that too.

U could help a person if they are in a struggle and ask if they need help or advice 4 something Or something like ?

Why do women try to get the guy to ask them out? Ask him out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ask someone on or something

This is something that you would need to have a professional do. You can ask someone in engineering or mechanical engineering to assist with.

"Comment t'appelles-tu ?" or "comment vous appelez-vous ?" are the questions to ask someone their name.

when you ask someone to do something, and they wont, then you give them something nice, and if they say yes then, that's bribery. if you give someone something and only ask for a thank-you then that's not bribery.

Yes you will because you need to ask them before posting something that they might not like. If you are mad at someone then do not post anything mean. Just talk it over with them.

Tell him "Please buy such-and-such".

If you need to ask then it would be better to take it to someone qualified in electronics. It is not, generally, something that can be fixed by a layman.

Go up to her and ask wanna go to a movie or something??

You could ask a teacher to help you or someone who is studying French.You might find some good resources online to help you and a French dictionary is always helpful!

It is kind of complicated because i don't think you can ask someone not to do something that they can also ask. Because when you ask something, its a question... but you can't ask someone not to do a question like " Don't do why is chocolate brown? "

This is the place to ask your questions, not to tell that you have questions to ask. I assume from its date that this question is now obsolete. Please shout if not. Good luck with your essay.

comment s'est passée ta journée

"je vais me pondre dans le congelatéur. "

Où habitez-vous? means "Where do you live?"

It really depends on how you ask it. You might do better to ask about their nationality or something like that.

all you have to do is ask someone

You don't need to date. You can become friends instead. Develop a good friendship. Maybe it will evolve into something more when you're old enough to ask them out.

Answer: Qui est-ce? (pronounced key-es)

Once something is done it is not possible to make someone forget it. You can, if you hurt someone, ask them to forgive you. If they do, it might be possible to get past that hurt.

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