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You dont ask your girlfriend to have sex. Most likely it will end in a break up. If she is ready it will happen on its own time.

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2007-06-06 00:10:01
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Q: How do you ask your girlfriend for sex?
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Why did your ex-girlfriend ask for your address?


What are some awkward questions to ask your girlfriend?

Have you ever had sex, how man guys have you had sex with.

How do you take control when your girlfriend and you are alone and she wants some?

First thing first, evaluate your feelings first, such as: Do you want to have sex with your girlfriend or do you not want to stay sex free until you truly want to have sex? If you are alone with your girlfriend and you seem to find yourself in this situation again; ask your girlfriend what does she want to do and if sex is her answer, then talk about it. This is your time to tell her your views on sex: if you want to have it or not. Then both of you should get a clear understanding of your needs. No matter what you do: Be safe!!!!!

What are some questions I can ask my girlfriend about sex?

Do you want it hard or soft, fast os slow,are you tight?

How can you please your girlfriend during sex?

ask her what she likes. pay attention to these areas: neck, breasts, clit, ass, thighs

How can you preshure your girlfriend into sex?

Pressuring your girlfriend into sex isn't ever a good thing. If your going out with your girlfriend for the sole reason of sex, then she doesn't deserve someone like you.Maybe if you sat your girlfriend down and spoke to her about sex then she might loosen up a bit about sex.:D

Can you sex your girlfriend?


What are things you should not ask your girlfriend?

You should never ask you girlfriend the following things: Her weight her clothing sizes if she forgot to shower, put on makeup, perfume deodorant etc about her ex boyfriends also how many time she has had sex are her clothes to small

How do you ask for sex from a girl?

You Don't just ask for sex you need to work at it.Its no like she is just going to give it up easily specially if she is a virgin. so if she is your girlfriend then you need to get intimate with her from kissing and touching each other it will eventually lead to sex if you are both old enough to do so.

Why do you feel closer To your girlfriend after sex?

You feel closer to your girlfriend after sex because you went inside her and have become one.

What does it mean when you have to beg your girlfriend for sex?

It means that your desperate for sex.

Should you ask your best girlfriend out?

Well go for it! but under one condition. don't get her pregnant have sex only with a condom not bare skin:)

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