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You dont ask your girlfriend to have sex. Most likely it will end in a break up. If she is ready it will happen on its own time.

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Q: How do you ask your girlfriend for sex?
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Why did your ex-girlfriend ask for your address?


How do you get your girlfriend to have scat sex with you?

dare her or.. just ask.

What are some awkward questions to ask your girlfriend?

Have you ever had sex, how man guys have you had sex with.

How can you get your girlfriend in the mood for sex?

Compliment her, get her horny, and then eventually she might ask you.

How do you get someone for sex?

Get a girlfriend and then slowly ask her if shes interested in haveing a protected intercourse with you

How do you take control when your girlfriend and you are alone and she wants some?

First thing first, evaluate your feelings first, such as: Do you want to have sex with your girlfriend or do you not want to stay sex free until you truly want to have sex? If you are alone with your girlfriend and you seem to find yourself in this situation again; ask your girlfriend what does she want to do and if sex is her answer, then talk about it. This is your time to tell her your views on sex: if you want to have it or not. Then both of you should get a clear understanding of your needs. No matter what you do: Be safe!!!!!

How can you tell if your girlfriend has had a lot of sex before you?

There is no way, medically or otherwise. You can ask her and see what she says. But remember not to ask questions you may not want the answer to

How do you know your girlfriend is a virgin?

You know that your girlfriend is a virgin as you ask her or she tells you.Either way it doesn't matter, a virgin is no different to someone who has had sex.

How can you preshure your girlfriend into sex?

Pressuring your girlfriend into sex isn't ever a good thing. If your going out with your girlfriend for the sole reason of sex, then she doesn't deserve someone like you.Maybe if you sat your girlfriend down and spoke to her about sex then she might loosen up a bit about sex.:D

Is girlfriend pregnant if we had protected sex and the condom didn't slip or rip whatsoever AND she came on her period 4 days later Could she still be pregnant - I KNOW there were no holes in condom?

ask your girlfriend was her period the same as normal.. of it was 99.9%sure that she is not pregnant.. ask her also was she due her period 4days after having sex?

What are things you should not ask your girlfriend?

You should never ask you girlfriend the following things: Her weight her clothing sizes if she forgot to shower, put on makeup, perfume deodorant etc about her ex boyfriends also how many time she has had sex are her clothes to small

How do you ask out a girl to be your girlfriend?

You simply ask them, "do you want to be my girlfriend" the best way you can.

Did Corbin Bleu ask Ashley Tisdale to be his girlfriend?

Corbin did not ask Ashley to be his girlfriend.

How do you tell your girlfriend that she is your first girlfriend?

first ask her how many boyfriends she has has. then she will ask you and you will reply.

Should you ask your best girlfriend out?

Well go for it! but under one condition. don't get her pregnant have sex only with a condom not bare skin:)

How can you know that your girlfriend has been satisfied after sex?

We chat, we talk. Ask her, and get yourself improved during the next time you two have sex. Answer She will have a silly grin on her face and feel like she is walking on cloud nine.

How do you get payback at your brother?

Have sex with his girlfriend.

Why did my ex girlfriend ask if you had a girlfriend?

She so likes you again, why else would she ask you if you were single?!

How do you turn your girlfriend into a girlfriend?

ask her out to the movies or something!

Does Robert Hoffman have a girlfriend?

yes Robert hoffman has a girlfriend he had sex with her on noveber 20 2010 and now he wants to have sex with u

How do you know when your girlfriend feels that you are boyfriend-girlfriend?

well ask her or she will tell you

How do you take a shower witt a girl or girlfriend And how to sex with girlfriend?

Perhaps by asking her?

Can my girlfriend be pregnant from this?

The only thing your girlfriend could be pregnant from is unprotected sex.

Can your husband be your girlfriend?

My husband can not be my girlfriend. Because I can not do sex with him in return.

Is it normal to have a girlfriend and get to touch her every 6 months?

Some girls are not to much into sex than others , maybe a bad experience ??? You have to talk to her and ask what is wrong. Never push a girl to have sex with you or it will backfire for sure !