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How do you attract gold finches to your home?

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Get A Feeder Use Black Thistle Seed. Do Not Paint Any Feeders Keep It Natural As Much as You Can. This Should Work. Also Visit Your Book Store For Great Information On Backyard Birds Or black oil sunflower seeds. These are the small black ones.

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What do gold finches eat?

gold finches eat seeds

What birds come out at spring?

gold finches purple finches martins

From where and to here do finches migrate?

mostly all finches migrate to Florida and Mexico except gold finches

How and why do house finches make sound?

What kinds of sounds are you referring to? House finches sing to attract mates, to communicate with other finches, and maybe even sometimes because they are happy. I've also seen them hiss at intruders.

Can gold attract a magnet?

No, a metal must have iron in it to attract a magnet.

What should you do to attract more finches?

Put out feeders containing the small black oil sunflower seeds, and nyger seed, also called thistle seed. This will certainly bring in the finches.

What is the plural possessive of finch?

The plural form of the noun finch is finches.The plural possessive form is finches'.Example: The thick bushes were home to several finches' nests.

Will a magnet attract a gold ring?


Do magnets attract silver and gold?


What is the collective noun for finches?

The collective nouns for finches are:a charm of finchesa chirm of finchesa company of finchesa trembling of finchesa trimming of finches

How do you attract finches to your sock feeder?

Keep it filled with nyger seed (thistle). Goldfinches and pine siskins are partial to this seed.

What type of animal eats American gold finch?

The kinds of animals which eat American gold finches are carnivores. Many feline species are known to devour birds found within their habitat. predators of American gold finches may be common house cats or fisher cats.

When do gold finches arrive in Louisiana?

we had a gold finch, male, showed up first week of April 2013. He was so pretty.

Why did Jem think Boo wasn't home?

he was pooing in the finches yard

Do sunflowers attract birds?

Several varieties of birds love sunflower seeds. Bluejays, cardinals, sparrows and finches love sunflower seeds.

What colors attract customers?

Bright colours tend to attract the eyes of customers, colours such as red and gold.

How many people did the gold rush attract?


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Do magnets attract all metals?

No. Magnets do not attract gold, silver, aluminum, brass, copper or lead. Magnets will attract nickel and iron or steel.

Why were the finches interested in Darwin?

Darwin was interested in the finches! The finches weren't interested in him!

How did the government attract people to move out west?

with promises of gold

Will a magnetic attract gold?

yes because it's a metal

You have had American gold finches in your yard since spring they have disappeared now why is this happening?

They jump around, it happen once to me.

Were there restaurants in the book To Kill a Mockingbird?

No, none were mentioned, the Finches always ate at home.

Can you train zebra finches?

Yes you can train zebra finches. I have about five finches that are already trained.