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There are many ways to authenticate a signed football, but many people take photo copies of the signature and then somehow market them back on the signed football.

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Q: How do you authenticate a signed football?
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Can notaries authenticate documents?

A notary can certify that a particular person signed a document.

What is the value of a 1995 Buffalo Bills signed football?

Many of the signed footballs are valued in price close to $100 each. The exact of the football will depend upon who all signed the football and its condition.

How much is a Micheal Cobb football card signed worth?

i have a Michael Cobb football card signed what is it worth

How do you use authenticate in a sentence?

Authenticate means to prove that something is legitimate. I cannot authenticate that website.

How can you be a player for Italian football clubs?

You get signed

What is a football signed by Daryl Johnston Dallas Cowboy worth or how do you find out value and where do you go to sale the football?

a football signed by Daryl Johnston Dallas Cowboy is worthninety dollars

What is the value of a 1967 Rams football hand signed by all players?

1967 rams football whats it worth signed by all players

Which member of The Wanted was signed up by a football club?

Max was signed by Manchester City

Where can i go to get your signed baseball authenticated?

A pawn shop will bring in someone to take a look at it, or you can search it up online and send it to them via mail and they will authenticate it.

How much is a signed Derrick Thomas football worth?

I need to know how much my signed Derrick Thomas football is worth. It's in a case and has papers

How do you authenticate a world series 1969 mets baseball signed by team?

Authenticating a team signed baseballSignatures that have not been properly authenticated could sell at half the market value or less. Two of the top authenticators in the hobby are PSA/DNA and JSA. Check their respective websites for details on how to authenticate your New York Mets team signed baseball and for pricing. They do business through the mail, and you could check their show schedule to see if they will be in your area.

What is a good sentence for authenticate?

My birth certificate was authenticate on September 14, 1998

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