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To gain the rights to auto-play on your YouTube channel you must become a YouTube partner.

YouTube has opened up a partnership form which can be found here:


But be warned: if the auto-detector decides you would not qualify as a YT partner, you have only a 1% chance to become one.

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I think you DO must to be a partener...but to become one, you don't need no hits, or subscribers...all you need is ORIGINAL CONTENT! Entertaining things, taped by you!

and you also must be in a country like USA, UK & France (and maybe a couple more)..

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How can you get a YouTube video to play as soon as you go onto your channel?

Go too videos and playlists at you main homepage of your youtube channel.. then click autoplay featured video!

How do you get your YouTube videos to play automatically on your YouTube profile?

You need to become a youtube partnerMy sister's video has auto play, she used Sony Vegas Pro 8.It's a video making program that works really well.

How do you get a video to play automatically on your channel?

To do this go to your channel and under the videos and playlists if you have the featured video catergory set to use the most recent video then check the box that says auto play featured video which would also work with a video that you have featured.

Does YouTube auto play effect recommended to watch videos?

No, the auto play and recommended videos feature are kept separate. Watching a video recommended by auto play, however, may change your recommended videos results because of the algorithm used to generate those video suggestions.

Can i play my YouTube playlist on my YouTube channel?

Yes. It may not autoplay, but it will be there.

YouTube videos do not play on my mobile phone.?

if you are using cheaper cell ; you cant play youtube video in your cell. i have samsung star 3g its direct play youtube video.;-)

What is autoplay on YouTube?

autoplay is a system used by youtubers so when somebody enters your channel the most recent video you have posted will start to play

Where can one find Let's Play videos of Grand Theft Auto?

One can find 'Let's Play' videos of Grand Theft Auto on the video sharing website YouTube. There one can find dozens of such videos that have been uploaded.

How do you play youtube in root android mobile?

To play YouTube in root Android mobile, simply go to the YouTube app and access the video that you want to play.

Does YouTube play videos or download them?

When you play a video on YouTube, you send a request to the YouTube servers to begin uploading the video file onto your computer browser. This is what allows you to watch the videos on the website.

How do you make YouTube stop buffering?

First you have to pause youtube. Then wait for half the amount of time the video is. Then play the video.

How do you put a YouTube video on repeat?

YouTube currently does not have an option exclusively for making your videos repeat. However, there is a workaround to make a video repeat, and that is by adding the video into a YouTube playlist and playing the YouTube playlist. This will make it so that when the video is done, the next video in line (it could be the same video) will play.

What is superboebros?

SuperBoeBros is a gaming channel that two brothers play. Dane Bodighemer and Luke Bodighemer. There nicknames for Youtube are Daneboe and Lukeboe. They play video games on it. Daneboe makes Annoying Orange and his own channel and Gagfilms, also known as Daneboes Second Channel. Lukeboe only has his main channel and SuperBoeBros. Type in list of superboebros games to find out what games they play.

Does faze play ps3?

yes check the out youtube channel Fazeclanqsts

How to make a mine craft video on youtube?

Download Hypercam 2 (the one of better screen-recording softwares), record your "lets play", edit it if you want (using, for ecxample Windows Movie Maker), them make channel on YouTube (if you havent it alredy), and upload the video...thats it.

Does YouTube download video players when playing a video?

No, YouTube does not download video players when playing a video.

How do you play as shadow the hedgehog in SSBB?

You Can Play As Shadow Go Here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mDywjQ5QkrY And On Youtube Search For A Video On How To Install Homebrew Channel And How To Get Brawl Texture Hacks Its Pretty Simple

How do you play music on your Wii using the internet channel?

you go on youtube and play whatever music you want

How do you get a YouTube video to play itself on your gaia profile?

Add either '&autoplay=1' or '&autostart=1' at the end of the URL of the youtube video and viola, it will play as soon as the page loads. -nodnod-

Can I possible connect a Chromecast to a cable box Comcast and be able to play youtube video on my TV?

It is possible to connect a Chromecast to a cable box Comcast and be able to play youtube video on your TV.

Why does youtube play so many ads?

YouTube plays so many ads so that they can stay a free channel.

Where is the download button on YouTube?

Many video websits on E.M. Youtube video download tool. Download automatically when u play video on browser, http://www.effectmatrix.com/Youtube_video_download_tool/index.htm

How do you play youtube video in spice m9000?

first go to youtube.com search video that you want then go to watch video

How do you effectively watch youtube video?

Playlist or favorite then play your fav.

Do you have to sign in to YouTube to play videos?

No, unless the video has been flagged.

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