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DOnt buy electrical machines. :)

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Q: How do you avoid hunting in electrical machines?
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What are electrical machines and electrical drives?

machine is an electrical device

Do most sewing machines require to be plugged into an electrical outlet?

Almost all sewing machines, with the exception of vintage hand crank machines, need to be plugged into an electrical outlet.

How is a sewing machine classified?

Present day sewing machines are complex electrical machines.

Why is it important for machines to have electricity?

Many Machines either run on, or are run by electricity. Remove the electrical parts or the electrical supply and the machine would stop.

Why do electrical machines need switches?

Because in the switch there is

Difference between electrical and mechanical 2 calculate it?

Electrical angle is half of mechanical angle in unipolar electrical machines. In multipolar electrical machines, the relationship between the mechanical angle and electrical angle is Electrical angle = (P/2) x Mechanical angle where: P = Number of poles.

What is the reason for earthing in an electrical insulation?

to avoid the danger of electrical equipment to direct charges into the ground to avoid eletrical shock

What is syllabus for section engineer electrical?

net work theory, electric machines power electronics utilization of electrical machines power system electromagnetic theory measurement

What functions does the microprocessor controls in the washing machines?

the electrical components

Which motor is used in Xerox machines?

Machines marketed by the Xerox Corporation use a variety of electrical motors.

Electrical machines-1 lab viva?

what is meant by shunt motor

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