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How do you be Waluigi on New Super Mario Brothers DS?


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You can't be Waluigi on New Super Mario Bros.


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Newsflash. Waluigi isn't a playable character in New Super Mario Bros. for DS or Wii.

no you can't but you can be mario and luigi

there are not characters in that game

no. maybe you can mod/hack or whatever its called

You can't. There is no Wario or Waluigi in the game, if there was it would be merely beta content removed from the final game.

will there be a new super Mario brothers movie

There are currently only two Super Mario Brothers games available for the Nintendo DS. New Super Mario Brothers and New Super Mario Brothers 2 are the game titles.

there is no yosi in new super Mario bros.

No, there is no whistle in New Super Mario Bros.

how do you get to 2a in new super mario bros?

No, only Mario or Luigi on the DS version, & only Mario for player 1 on Wii version. Players 2, 3, & 4 can only be Luigi, Yellow Toad, or Blue Toad.

you cant.only in super Mario 64&super Mario 64 ds.

There is supposed to be a Super Mario Bros. U

Wario is not playable on New Super Mario Bros. However, he is playable on Super Mario 64 DS.

No, you cannot change your clothing on the New Super Mario Bros.

You can't be Wario in New Super Mario Bros 2.

No, you can't be Toad on New Super Mario Bros 2.

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No, New Super Mario Brothers 2 is only for the Nintendo 3DS family

no,you can't use yoshi in new super mario brothers unless you are playing the game on the wii then you can get yoshi.

it is just a video about how to play very good on New Super Mario Bros. Wii

No, you cannot play as Bowser in the new "Super Mario Brothers" game.

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