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you either need to get a dragon amulet or you need a dragon amulet and pay for guardianship seperatly. yes, you must pay for a dragon amulet

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How do you get guardian armor on the game dragonfable for free?

If you have an Adventurequest account as a guardian. Then just verify it on Dragonfable

How do you get gurdian armor in dragonfable?

You need to be a guardian in AdventureQuest. Then got to dragonfable homepage and go to guardian verification. Type in your Adventure Quest Username and password and then you type in user name and password for DragonFable account. Then choose character you want to be Guardian. Then the next time you log onto that character u can go to the guardian tower and get guardian armor. You can only use your Guardian account one time. If you want to get another guardian in Dragonfable you have to get another guardian account.

How do you be a guardian on dragonfable?

you need to buy it... you have to be a guardian at AQ and then u can be a guardian at DF when you are a guardian at AQ you have instructions...

How do you unlock the guardian class on dragonfable?

You first have to get the guardian thinghgfhgfgee in Adventure Quest. The Dragonfable staff promised extra boosts to Guardians in Dragaonfable, so they unlocked a new armor for Dragonfable. You have to go to the Verify tab in Dragonfable and type in your AQ account info, and you should get the Guardian armor in Dragonfable. (It's in that tower on the hill in Falconreach!) =)

How do you became a guardian in dragonfable by not hacking?

You have to become a guardian in adventure quest, its basically like a 'DA' but in adventure quest, once you have done that you have to like verify you guardian ownership to dragonfable then it will register you as a guardian. H-P

How do you get a guardian armor on Dragon Fable?

The only way to get a guardian armour in dragonfable is to have already bought the guardian membership for adventure quest then you just confirm it on the main dragonfable home page.

How do you get a Guardian Sword in DragonFable after you sold it?

if you are a gardian in adventure quest, you need to verified the guardian in dragonfable, so you can equip the guardian armor, you can get the guardian sword in willowshire, then go to the tower and get all the keys (the gems) then you will see a ghost guardian and press "shop", and there, you get the guardian sword.

How do you be a guardiain in dragonfable?

to become a guardian in dragonfable i think you have to get it on adventure quest first but I'm not entirely sure

How can you get into the willowshire guardian tower in Dragonfable?

Go To The Portal Next To The Guardian Tower And Click Willowshire.

Ho do you become a guardian in dragonfable?

well to become a guardian in the game is to buy a dragon amulet(it cost $19.95)

How do you get guardian armour in dragonfable?

Go to the Guardian tower in Falconreach and go to the armory. Just as a word of warning it is quite annoying to level and you would probably be better off with Paladin armour from the necropolis Edit: You must have become a Guardian owner in Adventure Worlds to be able to unlock Guardian in DragonFable.

Where can you fight the Guardian Dragon in Dragonfable?

go to the guardian tower and train all your skills. then you'll have to fight him as your last one.

Where is Willowshire in DragonFable?

go to the portal next to the guardian tower and click willowshire

How do you get to earth orb saga in dragonfable?

Travel to Willowshire and talk to Guardian Fortuna.

You Need free guardian account to verify for dragonfable?

ahhh no you nee a guardian account to verify ur dragon fable 1

How do you kill the guardian dragon in dragonfable?

Well you can't even kill the dragon guarians.

How do you unlock atacks of the guardian in dragonfable?

do the uthr quests 1st that's all hellfire

What do gaurdians do in dragonfable?

They get the guardian armour and a bit more priveliges then normal DragonAmulet holders.

How do I become the guardian for my younger sisbling?

in dragonfable you cant get guardian anymore. it was only for beta testers and is now discontinued(inless you use a hack but you can get banned for that).

Where to purchase the gurdian blade in dragonfable?

go to willowshire through the portal outfront of the guardian tower

Where is guardian fortuna in dragonfable?

just go to the north , when you see a deadend go to the south,. and then enter ,., ^^

How do you get to the cliff in dragonfable?

Answer Umm..... You mean to get to guardian tower? Just go forward near Twilly. Not close to him.

How do you become a gladiator in dragonfable without being one in adventure quest?

AnswerIt's not gladiator it is guardian and no you can not!

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