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Q: How do you be a healthy child?
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What is healthy for your child?

Healthy products and healthy foods are good for your child. Sunshine and exercise.

What is healthy child?

if its breathing, its healthy!

I'm making a newspaper about child nutrition do you have any ideas for my newspaper name?

youthtrition healthy children A healthy child is a happy child balance your kids healthy kids

Describe a healthy child?

Of course healthy .. :D

Is a neat and healthy child a happy child?

Not necessarily.

What does an sickly child need to be healthy?

eat food healthy

What particular attitude can a child manifest?

that a child should be healthy and intelligent

How does one promote healthy sleep habits for a happy child?

There are many ways for one to promote healthy sleep habits for a happy child. One can promote healthy sleep habits for a happy child by rewarding a child for sleeping enough hours with small prizes or stickers.

How to prevent child obesity?

Teach your child as early as possible about healthy eating and excersise. Make sure that he understands what is healthy and unhealthy food.

What is the prognosis for a healthy child who contracts measles?

The prognosis for an otherwise healthy, well-nourished child who contracts measles is usually quite good.

What do you get from breastfeeding?

If you are eating properly you will get a healthy child. You will also experience a connection with your child.

What is your ultimate goal for your child?

To be happy and healthy.