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If you're male, get Impish as your result. If you're female, get Quirky as your result.

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How do you get a piplup and chimchar?

Pick Piplup or Chimchar and then trade for a piplup or chimchar

What is Piplup?

Piplup is a Pokemon. Piplup is the Penguin Pokemon. Piplup evolve into Prinplup which evolves into Empoleon. Piplup is one of the three starter Pokemon for the Sinnoh Region. Piplup is number 393 in the National Pokedex and Number 007 in the Sinnoh Pokedex.

Where can you get another piplup on Pokemon Diamond?

Breed your piplup with a ditto. Or breed a femle piplup with another Pokemon from the same egg group as piplup.

What are the evolutions of piplup?

piplup,prinplup, and empoleon

Will dawns piplup evolve?

the answer for will dawns piplup evolve is a big no! even on japans episode evolution! this time for piplup!? what happens is dawns piplup tries to evolve but never dose in the end dawn is still stuck with a regular piplup..

Is Piplup a girl?

dawns piplup is a boy because theirs an episode where piplup falls in love with a girl merril

Where do you find a piplup in Pokemon ruby?

Piplup is not found in Ruby.. Piplup wasn't created when they made Pokemon Ruby.

Why is piplup called piplup?

Sorry that a hard question to answer, but since Pokemon is Japanese piplup could mean anything.

How do you breed piplup?

You can only breed either prinplup or empoleon if you want another piplup and breed it with ditto to get the piplup.

Where to find a prinplup in Pokemon platnium?

You get prinplup when piplup evolves. To get piplup you either pick chimchar, turtwig, or piplup.

Can Ditto breed to get a piplup?

If you mate it with a Piplup, Prinplup, or Empoleon

Is piplup the Pokemon a penguin or a puffin?

Piplup is considered to be a penguin.

What type of Pokemon is Piplup?

Piplup is a Water type pokemon.

How do you get a piplup from an egg with a Ditto on Pokemon diamond?

breed a ditto with a piplup, a prinplup, or an empoleon. or breed 2 piplup, prinplup, or empoleon.

What color is shiny piplup?

Shiny piplup is a little lighter in color than normal piplup. In other words, Light blue.

When does piplup learn peck?

Piplup learns Peck at level 15

What nature is piplup in explorers of darkness?

a girl piplup would be quirky.

Where in Pokemon SoulSilver can you spot a piplup?

You can't catch a piplup in soulsilver

Is Turtwig a Piplup?

They are different pokemons, so turtwig isnt piplup.

How do you get a piplup inside an egg in diamond?

The only way is to breed a Female Piplup is with any other Pokemon in its egg group or to breed any Piplup with a Ditto. Doing so will produce a Piplup Egg.

We can't find the middle form of piplup where do you find it on Pokemon platnium?

The evolved form of Piplup is Prinplup. You get it by evolving Piplup at level 16.

How do you get a girl piplup?

It's random. But you could get a friend to trade you a female Piplup. :)

How do you get a chimpchar and a piplup in Pokemon pearl?

you can only get one i say you should get piplup

Pokemon Ranger 2 piplup partner?

you get piplup with a quest in the snowy area

What lever does Piplup evolve at in Pokemon diamond?

Piplup evolves at lv. 16

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