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Q: How do you beat Larxene 2 in KH re CoM?
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I can't find Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2 on the DS does anybody know were i can find it and Chain of Memories also?

the only ds kingdom hearts game is kh 358/2 days, where you play as roxas, i dont want to spil but theres a 14th member! and for kh 1 2 and COM well COM is for gameboy or if your lucky you could prolly find a RE: COM for ps2 and kh 1 & 2 are also for ps2 ONLY

How many Kingdom Hearts games are there for the ps2?

Kingdom Hearts (KH) Kingdom Hearts: Final Mix (KH: FM) Kingdom Hearts V Cast (KH: VC) Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories (KH:CoM) Kingdom Hearts II (KHII) Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix+ (KHII: FM+) Kingdom Hearts: Re: Chain of Memories (KH: Re: CoM) Kingdom Hearts: coded (KH: c) Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days (KH: 358/2 Days) Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep (KH: BBS) o.O coded? i didnt kno tht, and wats VC, fifth cast as in wat? but yeah its true -.- and Kingdom hearts III-mikeman97

What game comes after Kingdom Hearts?

The game that comes directly after Kingdom Hearts in terms of release date and relation to the plot is Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories for the Nintendo Gameboy Advance. and after that is kingdom hearts 2. AND THEY ARE MAKING 2 MORE GAMES CALLED KINGDOM HEARTS 358/2 DAYS AND KINGDOM HEARTS BIRTH BY SLEEP!!!!! and also i am not sure if they are making this one but i think there is one called kingdom hearts 3

How do you get Firaga Blast in Kingdom Hearts?

Either, go see Merlin, find all 99 dalmations, beat all worlds, or beat all cups at Olympus Coliseum. I meant KH RE: Chain of Memories srry this ain't an answer -gaiga08

How do you beat Axel 2 in Kingdom Hearts re CoM?

ok well first thing you will need to do is ensure u have mr shitpisshead in your team

What is Xemnas's nickname?

If you've played KH Re: Chain of Memories, you would know that his alias is The Superior.

What do premium cards do on KH Re Chain of Memories?

You can only use them once, but they cost a lot less cp.

Which kingdom hearts games are linked to each other?

All of the ones except V-Cast. The order of the games have to be mixed in order to make sense of them being linked. Chronological order: BBS -> KH1 -> KH: COM/ 358/2 Days -> KH2 -> Coded/ Re: Coded -> 3D

What is the difference between Kingdom Hearts CoM and Kingdom Hearts Re CoM?

Kingdom Hearts Re CoM was re-released as a PS2 game Re: CoM also has cut-scenes with voices, new enemy cards like all the Organization XIII enemy cards, and some changes in specific scenes. There is also a theater available when you complete the game. Also there is a battle with Zexon

How do you beat the little married in the re Chain of Memories?

how do you beat the what?

When does Kingdom of Hearts 3 come out?

They haven't made KH3 yet. The rumors of the secret ending of KH2 being the KH3 were not true. It was a trailer or KH birth by sleep, which takes the game 10 years before it is for PSP. There is also KH 358/2 days which is the year Sora was sleeping of DS. KH coded-it's the story after KH2. The story in not clear yet. KH RE: Chain of Memories for PS2 is the game after KH1 and KH final Mix PS2. It's a mix of KH1 RE:Chain of Memories together with so new sceans and extras.

Was Haley Joel osment on Hannah Montana?

Haley Joel Osment is not going to be on Hannah Montana. All I know is that he is in kh re chain of memories.