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The game that comes directly after Kingdom Hearts in terms of release date and relation to the plot is Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories for the Nintendo Gameboy Advance. and after that is kingdom hearts 2. AND THEY ARE MAKING 2 MORE GAMES CALLED KINGDOM HEARTS 358/2 DAYS AND KINGDOM HEARTS BIRTH BY SLEEP!!!!! and also i am not sure if they are making this one but i think there is one called kingdom hearts 3

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current kh games: kh bbs

kh 1

kh 358/2 days

kh com

kh re: com

kh coded

ONLY confirmed future games: kh re: coded for ds but more likely 3DS accordiing to the Nintendo E3 conference. On amazon they have it for you to reserve with the release date of 2020 so i wouldn't expect any very soon

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If you're talking about what order the games should be played in it's Birth by Sleep, KH1,Re:chain of memories, 358/2 Days,KH2. If you r talking about what game they're coming out with it's between Kingdom Hearts Re: coded and Kingdom hearts 3D. Re: coded on Nintendo DS and 3D on 3DS, the new Nintendo ds system.

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Q: What game comes after Kingdom Hearts?
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Which Kingdom Hearts game is for the Game Boy Advance?

The only Kingdom Hearts game for the Game Boy Advance is Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories.

What happens in Kingdom Hearts 3?

Nobody really knows. If your talking about Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep, then you should know that that isn't Kingdom Hearts 3. You're just going to have to wait until the game comes out.

Is kingdom of hearts a movie or a game?

Although the name Kingdom of hearts sounds cool, the game is called Kingdom hearts.

What is the chronology of Kingdom Hearts 3D?

I believe it comes after Kingdom Hearts 2, though I can be wrong.

Is Kingdom Hearts coded part of the game series?

It is a Kingdom Hearts game, but not important to the series.

What is a good game for people who like Kingdom Hearts?

Kingdom Hearts.

Is Kingdom Hearts going to be a ps2 game?

Kingdom Hearts is a PS2 game KH3? We dont know

Did the US or Japanese made the game Kingdom Hearts?

the Japanese made the game series of Kingdom Hearts

Will kairi be a playable in Kingdom Hearts video game?

Probably depends on what the next Kingdom Hearts game is

What fonts are used in the game series Kingdom Hearts?

The Kingdom Hearts logo is its own font, called "Kingdom Hearts".

What kingdom hearts game came out after kingdom hearts2?

Kingdom hearts 358/2 days.

What are the cheats for Kingdom Hearts 2?

There are no in-game cheats for Kingdom Hearts II.