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64.)Egg > 28



67.)A big hairy arsonist

68.)Stroke the cat

69.)LOL, 69

70.)Using its anus


72.)Middle far left switch (it's small)

73.)? (top right)

74.)No one knows that


76.)Sugar, honey, honey

77.)Question 77



80.)Filthy Romanians

81.)Run cursor up and down lightning rod

82.)Clip the toenails

83.)National Dyslexic Association

84.)Green Shooting Star

85.)I loved it!

86.)The Prince


88.)Break Sonic's leg (MASH the mouse)



91.)Rip the note (no clicking involved)

92.)194, 27, 26, 14, 9, 3, 2.5, 1, .4

93.)Go! (behind bomb)

94.)The bomb is a dud

95.)Remove mouse, click Red

96.)A right mess

97.)10+ times!

98.)Blue, red, blue, yellow

99.)At green, click sign



102.)Touch the dots! (one of them doesn't have one)

103.)Slight down and slight right (you'll know)

104.)Large yellow sad moon (Hey! Why not the large gray sad moon?)

105.)BANANA (spell it from apple, nectarine, and gooseberry)

106.)Click the arrow (right-clicking whacks you in the head)

107.)Don't click TRY AGAIN on the gameover screen

108.)4 8 15 16 23 42 execute

109.)Make the monkey poo (mash the mouse), then click on arrow

110.)Use all seven skips

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1. Four 2. No, but a tin can

3. K.O

4. (Read the title, then click "The answer")

5. (Move the mouse to the red dot, then go around the game)

6. Shallots

7. An elephant

8. (Go between the S and E, then go straight down until you see Yes!)

9. That one (Top right answer)

10. (Press the teeth picture)

11. n

12. (Look in the "i", then press the dot on i)


14. Torch

15. (Type "Horse" at the game's keyboard)

16. H

17. (Press the question number in the game)

18. (Click the hammer in the clock)

19. (Press colours "blue, orange, green twice, then yellow")

20. Seal!

21. (Top left answer)

22. +1 skip

23. Bran

24. (Press the V on the "lives" word)

25. Shoe polish

26. Arsefacey

27. Go to 28

28. Abundance

29. Egg mayonnaise

30. (Move the mouse to the red dot, right click the mouse, then go to the other red dot)

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the answer to the first impossible quiz is baby cham and human faces.

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Q: How do you beat number 32 in the impossible quiz?
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