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there should be a YouTube on big nate island. go to youtube and type down poptropica big nate island part 1 and go to the name secretscp. (hes awesome) there is a girl named graser10 but she HATES him. :)

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What do you do when you pass everything on poptropicacom while waiting for big nate island?

just look for some fun or buy some stuff at the poptropica store

Where is the peanut butter craker on Big Nate Island?

The peanut butter cracker on big Nate island is given to you by Nate.He gives it to you after you beat his game of hangman in the tree house or playground.

How can you be big nate on big nate island?

You do not play as Big Nate. He accompanies you around most of the island, and races you on the jet skis.

How do you get to be big Nate on big Nate island?

You can't play "as" Nate, but everywhere you go on the island, he tags along.

Where is the light house on big nate island?

it is at the right end of Big Nate Island

Who is duke on Big Nate Island?

There is no Duke among the characters of Big Nate island.

What island was after Big Nate Island on Poptropica?

Big Nate Island was released in February, 2009, and followed by Astro Knights Island in June, 2009.The island after Big Nate island was Astro Knights island in June, 2009.

What are three easiest islands to beat in Poptropica?

Early Poptropica, Shark Tooth Island, Big Nate Island, and 24 Carrots Island are the easiest Poptropica islands to beat.

What number is Big Nate Island from the top?

Big Nate Island on the Poptropica map is the 9th from the top.

How do you get the time capsill on big nate island?

Look up walkthrough for big nate island on youtube!

How can you go to big Nate island?

Go to your blimp and travel across the map to Big Nate Island.

Do you get bigger in big nate island in poptropica?

no they just call him big nate cause he lookes big on the island picture.

How do you get the treasure map in big nate?

you have to beat Nate on the jet

Where can you find the banana tree on big nate island?

As far as is known, there is no banana tree on Big Nate Island.

How can you find cheat codes for big nate island?

i need help to beat buig nate so leave a comment if u have any cheat codes

What do you do after getting the net on big nate island?

You give it to the old guy that is on the balkony and he gives you a lobster and the keys to the boats and then you have to beat nate to the map and get the map out of the rock.

I beat an island on poptropica but it didn't give me my 100 credits?

If u cmpltd big nate its becuz nate gets 2 keep da creds

What happens if you don't get the keys on Big Nate's island?

if you don't get the keys you can't beat nate to get the map for the school.

Where do the girls stand on big nate island?

On Big Nate island the three girls stand on the playground to the right of the school .

Where is the light on big nate?

The main light on BIG NATE island is the LIGHT HOUSE

Where are all the postcards from big nate island on poptropica?

There aren't any now. They were part of the island promotion prior to the release of Big Nate Island.

How do you beat mytholgoy island on poptropica?

you have o go to the island then go o the muesem then go to big nate and there is a cheat do you trust teeheeteehe hopeyou do

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