How do you beat shrink ray ilands?

Updated: 10/5/2023
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*During Early Access, players who were not paid monthly members could only play a demo form of the island. The demo closed with the release of the island on July 28, 2011.

The demo only took the player up to the point where he/she was shrunk by the Shrink Ray in C.J.'s apartment.

(see the solution at the related question below)

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Keep hiding behind stuff.

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you don't

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Q: How do you beat shrink ray ilands?
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How do you beat spy island tutorial?

buy a shrink ray gun

How do you beat mr silva on poptropica shrink ray?

you go behind items until you get to the mirror then mr silva will shrink himself

What do you win if you beat Vector on the Despicable Me game on poptropica?

You win a Shrink Ray that can shrink (minimize) Poptropica characters (does not affect game play).The shrink ray and minion cards are added to your islandinventory for every island, not to the store items. When you win the game, go to your current island inventory and they should be there.

How do you reflect the shrink ray on shrink ray island?

Hide behind the round mirror.

Where do you find the shrink ray on shrink ray island?

MrSilva has the shrink ray he is the one who stole it and shrinks you

How do you build a real shrink ray?

A 'shrink' ray is imaginary . . . it does not exist, nor can one be built.

How do you beat shrink ray island in a video?

There is a link to the video walkthrough at the related link below. There are written walkthroughs at the related questions.

How do you beat the Shrink ray Gun on Poptropica?

you must hide behind the books,another stack of books, then hide behind a trophy then

How much of shrink ray island can you beat?

You could not "beat" any of the demo of the island. The quest stopped when you were shrunk, and you could not go right into the apartment. (see the related question)

How do you get away from the shrink ray in shrink ray island?

Duck under all the objects that are bigger than you.

How do you jump into the bubbles on shrink ray island?

I don't think you jump into bubbles in Shrink Ray Island!

How do you get shrunk in shrink ray island?

you get shot by a shrink ray in c.j.'s House and therefore you are shrunk.