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I was wondering the same thing. I can't get past the tunnle. I can do everything but find the guy. Does anyone know where the guy is?

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โˆ™ 2008-09-11 19:38:35
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Q: How do you beat the 8th misson on Club penguin?
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Where is the 8th paper boat on club penguin?

in the forest

In club penguin ultimate guide to Club Penguin what is the word on page 175 2 word from the 8th line?


When will club penguin herberts revenge come out?

it will come out on monday march 8th

How do you beat the 8th misson in 39 clues?

It depends on which part your at, if your at the end, you go to the top and wait in the path of the first laser while it's at the bottom when the lasers shift you go to the next laser, and so on.

When is the 2010 music jam on club penguin?

Starts on the 9th but it really is on the 8th around 8 oclock.Cube 81 says Waddle on

Where is the 8th item on the water hunt on club penguin?

its at the dojo courtyard on the place where you get your belts there's like 3 or 2 but one will be the last item

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How do you become a secret agent before you are thirty days old on Club Penguin?

June 8th, 2010 Ever since Herbert P. Bear blew up the Sport Shop and HQ, you can go to the "Everyday phoning facility" and apply to join the Elite Penguin Force. Also if you have Penguin Storm, (Whatever version at this point) you can get the spy phone for free! My second account got it no bans!

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