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How do you beat the Battle fronter in Pokemon platinum?


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Practice, and hope for luck. The Battle Frontier is VERY hard to complete.


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when you beat the elite four, prof birch will call you and you will be able to go there with the ferrier

you have to beat all 7 trainers in all 5 buildings

you have to beat cynthia.than,go to the fight area.(top right of map)

u must beat palmer at the battle frontier in the 21st battle

you get the super rod in the battle frontier. (P.S you have to beat the Pokemon league to get here.)

In Diamond and Pearl, it's called the Battle zone. In platinum, the battle frontier. First beat the Pokemon league. Then, back at home, (you will find out about a boat in snowpoint) go to snowpoint, and ride the ship.

In Pokemon platinum, like in all Pokemon games you battle your Pokemon against other Pokemon to make them stronger, the object of the game is to beat the eliete 4 who are the best at battling and complete the pokedex.

To get stars on Pokemon platinum here is what you have to do... get 50 flags underground win 100 battles in a row at the battle tower beat the Pokemon league 10 times

You pretty much fill the pokedex, battle, trade, and chat with your friends, and play in the underground.

you should have level 100 Pokemon or else you will probaly fail miserlabley

Travel to fight area and challenge the BATTLE FRONTIER

To "beat" the battle frontier in Pokemon Platinum, you must gain all the badges from all the facilities. So, you would need to get 10 badges in all because there are 5 facilities.

No. You need to beat the Pokemon League IN the Platinum one.

Every time you fight him he changes his pokemon. I think. When i beat him he had a Latias. I can't remember his other two.

You will have to beat the Hearthome city gym leader to use defog outside of battle

Well, if you want to beat Pokemon platinum, you would have to go to a website that has walkthrough cheats...

No. After you beat Cyrus for the third time, he leaves and never returns.

as long as you haven't beat it yet and you have the azure flute, you can.

first beat the elite four and champion. next get to every where on the map third beat the battle frontier.fourth get the national pokedex.

nothing except train your Pokemon and trade and battle with friends. You can also connect to Pokemon revolution

Tristin F. was the first person in America to beat Pokemon platinum. She beat it on Nov. 7, 2009.

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