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How do you beat the Pokemon league in Pokemon leaf green?

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you have to play the game and read the instructions

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How do you get the Pokemon from Game Boy LeafGreen onto my DS?

Beat the Pokemon League on DS. Then insert Leaf Green and select migrate from 'Leaf Green'.

Where do you beat the elite to get to 8 and 9 island in leaf green?

in the Pokemon league!

What do the badges do in Pokemon leaf?

Pokemon badges in leaf green is a proved sign that you beat a gym. And it makes it so you can battle the elite four or people so call it The Pokemon league and beat the game.

What do you do after you beat the Pokemon league in Pokemon leaf green?

You get the Rainbow Pass from Bill in order to have access to the other four islands in the sevii islands.

How do you get an Articuno in Pokemon platum version?

you need to catch it first in fire red/ leaf green and migrate it to pearl after you beat the Pokemon league.

Can you get to Kanto in Pokemon Diamond after Pokemon league?

You can't go to Kanto, but if you have fire red or leaf green you can migrate your kanto Pokemon through the pal park. ^^^^^ YOUR F****NG WRONG!!! you can if you beat your rival 2000 times and have national-dex and beat Pokemon league!!!

How do you get elite four member lorelei back to the Pokemon league in Pokemon leaf green?

You have to go to Island Four and beat the Team Rocket people there and then she will return.

Where do you get Calm mind on Pokemon?

After you beat Sabrina on Pokemon Leaf green and Fire red

Where do you go after you beat the third gym in Pokemon leaf green?


How do you beat pokemon LeafGreen version for Game Boy?

To beat the Pokemon Leaf Green version for Gameboy you have to get the Nation Dex and beat Raiku and Suicune.

How do you get to Island 1 in Pokemon Leaf Green and beat the elite 4?

get the rinbowpass

How do i defeat Pokemon league easily in leaf green?

Lv.100 Pokemon (whole party full)

What Pokemon are in Leaf Green?

There are alot of Pokemon in Leaf Green ( about 200).

How do you migrate Pokemon from leafgreen to Pokemon Pearl?

u have to go beat elite four then put in leaf green then turn it off it will say migrate from leaf green leave number

What do you do after you beat the elite 4 forty times on Pokemon leaf-green?

uh.... why would you beat it 40 times in the first place you freak!!!

Where will you find bill after completing Pokemon league in green leaf?

In his cottage at route 25.

Is there a website for trading Pokemon LeafGreen and sapphire without beating the Pokemon league cheats?

no to trade between leaf green and sapphire or ruby u must beat the Pokemon league then go to the seven islands and find the ruby and the sapphire gems to be able to trade

Do you battle ash in Pokemon leaf green?

you ARE ash in Pokemon leaf green

Where for you go to go to the Pokemon league in Pokemon leaf green?

past the 8 gyms through victory road

How do you clone a Pokemon before you beat the elite four in leaf green?

im sorry but you cant???????????

Where do you get pollywhirl in pokemon leaf green?

You can get Pollywhirl in Pokemon Leaf Green in Virdian City.

Why can't I beat my rival when were in Silph Co in leaf green?

because you might be using the wrong Pokemon or your Pokemon are to weak

Do you need the move waterfall to get to the Pokemon league in Pokemon leafgreen?

No you do not need water fall in leaf green and fire red.

How many times do you have beat the Pokemon league on leaf green to get Mewtwo?

You don't have to beat the Pokemon League more than once to be able to get Mewtwo. First, you must be sure that you have the National Pokedex (the Pokedex where you have all the numbers of Pokemon on it). Second, make sure that you have defeated the Pokemon League at least once. Then, after defeating the Pokemon League at least once, the cave in Cerulean City will be open, and the man guarding the cave will no longer be in front of the entrance. In that cave lies Mewtwo.

How do you beat the elite four second time in green leaf?

train your Pokemon or trade strong ones