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you cannot beat a ghost in lavender tower because your pokemon are too scared to fight them, however if you unmask them you may battle and defeat them. to unmask then you need the silph scope, which you can get from team rocket hideout, after beating giovanni. and unmasked ghost may either be a ghastly, haunter, cubone or if it is the boss ghost, it is cubone's mother marowak.

Dark type can beat ghost.

Only ghost is advantqagge on ghost.

You can beat a ghost type with another ghost type (Like Haunter)

You need to beat the ghost by at least seven seconds.

You have to beat 01.03.752 to get a fast staff ghost unlocked on that track. The normal ghost time is 01.06.595 and the expert ghost is 00.59.907.

After the shower ghost, you will be given a key to the ballroom. You need to beat several small ghosts by taking off their masks with the vacuum and then vacuum them all. Then a ghost couple will start dancing in the room and then you need to beat them.

Dark-type Pokémon can beat Ghost-type Pokémon and other Ghost-types can also beat Ghost-type Pokémon.

beat a normal ghost and expert ghost by 4 seconds

you have to beat your regular ghost by usually 4 - 10 seconds and then a expert ( fast ) ghost will appear and you have to beat it.

when you are doing time trials, if you beat your best time, it creates a ghost for the character you used when racing. the ghost does exactly what you did when racing. You can then go in and race your ghost and try to beat your score. If you beat it, a new ghost will be created and the other one will be deleted.

you don't Link beats the Ghost Ship dummy

how to beat ghost story island on poptropica

The Gym Leader is easy to beat. She mainly use's ghost type Pokemon. Ghost Pokemon are weak against Physic Pokemon. Trust me if i can beat her you can.

Because ghosts are as powerful as other ghosts in Pokémon.

Using Dark or Ghost type moves against it

In the final level,you'll face the final boss named The Evil Masked Figure! To defeat him,here's how you do it: Keep throwing magnifying glasses at him until he forms into 3 (2 of them are kinda invisible while the other one is visible) and attack the visible one.Rinse and repeate until you defeate him,but watch out for the Pterodactyl Ghost and his other minions (also use magnifying glass).Avoid his fire arrows,spinning saws and fire balls.Make sure you get burgers to increase your life.When you beat the game,you'll unlock Mini-games!

You have to get the Sliph Scope from the Sliph Co. Building after you beat Giovonnie

Play Onca in a game and beat him and you are rewarded with ghost ray!

Types that are strong against Dusclops (ghost) are: Dark Ghost

I'm not sure if this is the proper answer to your question. The drum beat called a ghost means that the hit that your doing is a lot quieter compared to the other hits your doing in the beat. Hence, the name ghost.

You have to beat the normal staff ghost and then it will update a new expert staff ghost.

When Chris beat up Scooby that got a lot of famous points and he levelled up to level 10 and a cow :3

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